“Fitting out for camping in the open is a matter of discarding as much as possible rather than taking everything that may be useful. Choose first the clothes that are least likely to suffer from getting wet, crumpled, or even slept in, and only take enough to last out the expedition. Don’t put in a spare suit because it may be useful; anything that may be useful should be left behind, and only things that certainly will be wanted should be taken.”
“Be careful to see that the tent chosen, which must be a light-weight one, is large enough to contain all the occupants comfortably, and their belongings as well.”

Is this an excerpt from a badly edited version of my Trail column?
No it is not.
It’s from “The Wonder Book of Things To Do”, first published in 1936.

Yes, 1936. Where did it all go wrong…

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  1. You know, it doesn’t go into clothing and footwear, I think they assume you’ll be wearing woollen tank-tops and leather brogues!
    It’s got some other cracking stuff about cooking (including GreenHeat style fuel tins) and washing, definitely a much less complicated time.
    It’s been reprinted, worth having a look :o)

  2. My grandfather bought up a job lot of canvas seaside chairs just after the war and made two tents to take his family camping in about 1946. Not exactly lightweight; not exactly waterproof, but big enough for the occupants. And their belongings.
    He also built his own sailing dinghy. In the front room. Which meant taking out the bay window to get it out.
    He did plan that…. ;-)

  3. I have an old Girl Guides book, 1930’s (Yeah, Yeah, just getting in touch with my feminine side) it has all sorts of useful info on what type of pyjamas to wear and how to make a framed rucksack using a Bamboo carpet beater. :-)

  4. There’s a bit in my book about canvas tents. There will be some rain gets in until the fibres swell up and become waterproof they say.
    Some things are better now!

    I used to have framed rucksack, hitec aluminium right enough :o)

  5. Trail came along! You will require a 10 season bag, alongside your 12 season tent, you will need a 200l rucksack this should suffice for your first summer wild camp.

  6. No no, DNF, there’s a big feature in the current Trail on ‘lightweight’, with lots of contributions from a ‘lightweight columnist’. Bet he’s not so lightweight after all those pink shrimps he bought from the sweetie site ;-)
    Happy New Year, ptc*!!

  7. Happy Naw Year indeed, see you all next year :o)

    I had a quick look through the lightweight Trail feature..I’ll have something to say I’m sure ;O)

    I’ll bet there’s 200L pack available you know, I’m away to google…

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