CAMP XLS Snowshovel

After great success with a SnowClaw, I thought it was time to try something a little lighter and a little easier to pack.
That was last winter, but the CAMP XLS never showed, so when cutting around Tiso GOE after lunch (most days, pull up a chair if you’re passing) last week, I spotted this dusty relic and made it mine.
The narrow shape is easier to pack, the toothy-looking edge might be easier to dig with in hard snow than the rounded edge on the SnowClaw.
We’ll find out soon enough I hope?

10 thoughts on “CAMP XLS Snowshovel”

  1. Can you shove it under the tyres when you’ve landed your car – for the third time – in an ice and snow-bound car park and need to get it out?

    Steep learning curve back in Jan driving around Assynt under heavy snow for the first time!

  2. I want a plastic snow shovel for trips where my Black Diamond Deploy is a bit of an overkill. I presume C.A.M.P. is easier to get hold of over this side of the pond than the mecurial SnowClaw?

  3. I think it must be, that one above is the only one I’ve seen outside of a trade show.
    There’s the whole CAMP/Cassin merger thing as well which must be confusing matters.

  4. A quick google turned up the Snowclaw at Furtech and at BAC Outdoor Leisure. (I’ve not ordered from either before)

    And it claims to be in stock.

    They did get reasonable distribution for a while. I think they were imported by Hugo Youngman at ESC Outdoors but I’m not sure what’s happened there (he used to do Gregory in the UK too.)

  5. Aye, he’s a good lad. A forward thinker too, he saw web stuff as an option long before it was on a lot of folks radar. Used to comment on OM.

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