CAMP Corsa Nanotech

Hey, it’s here in its 250g of wonder. It is basically a cranked shafted Corsa, but has it’s Steve Austin bionic implants. The pick has a usable point bolted on.


The point on the pick as actually a lot slicker than it looks in the photies. There’s no noticable saquared edges.

The shaft end has the same treatment. Plus a better grip than the Corsa.

The reinforcements are made of Sandvik Nanotech steel alloy. I have used their hacksaw blades and other tools for 25 years, so they do know their stuff.

CAMP reckon it’s a perfectly good tool for “alpinism”. There’s more of that going on down their way so we’ll take that as read until it’s got some miles on it and evidence presents itself to the contrary. Bearing in mind that in current lame UK fashion I may be struck dead by even the merest thought of taking it near one of our mountains.

I got the 50cm to contrast with the 60cm Corsa. I’ll take the two out together and play around and see what happens.

“Here Petesy, how did you get on with those axes today, you never cracked a light?”

“Aye China they were fine, I quite like them”

I forsee a drama free conclusion along those lines coming up.

15 thoughts on “CAMP Corsa Nanotech”

  1. Now that does look even more impressive than it did when I saw it on their site.

    I’m away off for a funeral, a briefer than planned taste of Swedish Winter, Xmas day in London and probably the last bit of “quality snow-sports time” with my brother before I become an uncle (I’m guessing ;) but I hope to hear how well this axe worked out when I return.

    My wallet almost hopes it’s not as good as it looks…

  2. A melancholy time right enough.

    There will be news of some sort on the new gear soon. I’m feeling fitter again, so it’s time to get some of this kit out there and get it manky.

    Besides, I’m needing some new photies as well :o)

  3. Any idea what price they are retailing at? I am in the market at the moment for a new axe,and they look mighty fine to me.
    Its the annual works end of year party tomorrow,so might be in the mood for some kill or cure hill therapy on saturday,Pen-y-fan might be fun,might even drag the mrs. along!

  4. I think they’re £75 or thereabouts.

    I remember CAMP as being a bit ropey quality wise years back, but they’ve raised their game in recent times. The finishing and build quality is spot on.

    Both the CAMP axes are classy kit. Makes my aging collection of other brands axes look really clunky.

    I’m hoping to get out as well, stir crazy in here I tell you!!

  5. A few years back CAMP made a very similar lightweight alloy axe, the XLA 210 iirc, where 210g was the weight. It looked very similar to the standard Corsa. Apart from losing 5g somewhere, have you any idea if the Corsa is genuinely new and improved or simply re-badged and re-launched?

    The Nanotech is offering something genuinely different and looks quite nifty! But I think the plain Corsa remains something I’d only want to carry if I didn’t expect to have to use it – perhaps what I’d take if I was setting off to backpack the Pyrenean High Route….

  6. It’s different Matt, they changed pretty much the whole design apart from the wee nicks in the shaft for grip.
    I’d like to think that it’s better built as it’s more minimalist than the 210, but the weight is comparable.

    I’m not worried about using the Corsa. I won’t push my luck with it, but for middle steepness snow slopes and as a braking tool it’ll be fine.
    The Nanotech though, it’ll go a wee bit further. I can’t see the head taking any sideways force ever, it’s the same as the Corsa with the point bolted on, torquing with it will bend the pick straight off. But sticking the pick in straight to lift you up an occasional icy obstacle should be fine.
    Again, I won’t push my luck.

    This assuming the weather gives me chance to try all this…:o)

  7. Well, my Nanotech arrived today in the mail. As you say, petesy, it looks a LOT better in the flesh than in those pictures. It’s really neat. Just as you also said, I wouldn’t try any torque thing with it, but for walking it seems plenty adequate.

    I got the 60cm size and weight-wise the saving over my Grivel SA (which looks a bit like the Air Tech) is not that great, a couple of hundred grams in all. The Grivel is 575g, the Nanotech is 283g without the leash. Maybe there are ultralight leashes out there, but the ones I’ve got are around 48g or so, so you end up having an axe weighing some 330g. I’ve a steel Camp axe that weighs 420g, so we’re really getting into small returns… But if you add it all up (Kahtoolas, lighter bag etc.), my latest round of ‘lightening up’ has shaved almost 15kg off my winter load.

  8. I’ve been seeing the Nanotech in the shops for *£95* this winter!!!

    Makes me very glad I snapped one up for £50 last season :))

  9. blimey, you’re right. Should have kept my glasses on… 1.5kg, that’s what I meant… the overall weight, including weight of the Villain, food and fuel, is around 8kg.

    £95…, er, that’s what I paid for it… £94.99 to be precise. A very expensive 200g weight saving… (or 90g if compared to the other Camp axe I have…). Daft or what. But it’s a really sexy piece of kit. Well, you know what I mean.

    I s’pose I should have bought it last year like you did, mattc, but I was still a bit suspicious of this winter lightweight malarkey… summer is fine, I thought, but in winter you donny want to skimp on kit… Serves me right, doesn’t it.

  10. well, the tent is a Hilleberg Unna (2kg) and the bag is a PHD made-to-order that only weighs 602g and is rated at -5. The luxury is a Donwmat 7 (900g) which pushes up the bag rating. I replaced the polyurethane ‘slab’ they put in the Villain and use two Duomats for padding and that gives me a wee extra layer under the mat. I also use a Rab Survival Zone bivi that again pushes up the rating. And then the only extra clothing on top of what I’m wearing is a PHD Yukon pullover. It’s really nice having such a relatively light weight on the shoulders in winter. Obviously when the Kahtoolas and axe are in action, it goes down even further which is even better…

  11. A light winter pack is a delight for sure, I think it’s where you get the biggest advantage of using lightweight gear.
    I still don’t know how my winter camping pack is the same capacity as my winter day sack from a few years ago.

    The Nanotech is great, I got a 60cm in the end so it was more usuable for me.
    I went to take an old Mountain Technology Alpine Axe out recently and couldn’t believe the weight of it. I know I could hang off it until summer came, melted the ice and I walked back off the hill but I just couldn’t face carrying it.

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