California Dreamin’

There’s a secret code to the five years worth of random titles you know. If you write them all down using 24 high Countdown font and arrange the many sheets of A4 in an asterisk shape, when viewed from exactly 13ft above, the post titles blur into a map.
This map shows the location of the hidden cave entrance in the northwest where deep within in lies a sealed iron box, never once opened in 300 years it waits to grant its secrets to only the cleverest and bravest of all internet users, a revelation which will… Wait, I’m not supposed to give this stuff away am I.

I don’t half talk a lot of shite. It’s like a radio switched on in the next room that I can’t be arsed switching off, even though I don’t want to listen to it, pretty soon I’m singing along on the laptop keyboard.

Or, its all just an excuse to get a nice photie up that I found.

2 thoughts on “California Dreamin’”

  1. I might have some pills somewhere that will help you :D

    Then again you should finish telling us how to use the map ;)

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