Had a fantastic day today. Spent it indoors at the Audio Lounge in Maryhill recording a new tune with my china Craig.
It was something of an unknown how it would turn out, new studio, new engineer, new gear and new sounds as I’m really detuned and play the guitar through a bass amp these days. But, Colin the engineer was on the ball and we got on well, so it was pretty easy all things considered. Craig got the drums down after a few takes and then I started laying down various guitar tracks, the bass and a couple of vocals, with varying degress of success. Bloody time consuming when you’re a two-piece I’ll tell you.
I played all the guitar tracks on my new Flying V, it just felt and sounded right. First time I’ve ever recorded without my favourite Les Paul, I’m saying that shows character growth.
I like the song right now, I hope I still like it tomorrow. I left the vocals clean, no distortion to mask my deficiencies, we’ll see I how I feel about that later on.

It’s called Princess (Click for that stupid pop-up player thing, play it loud mutha (it’s a metal thing…)). The words are a little strange, it’s kinda heavy with a surprising burst of melody and harmony when you least expect it. Happy.

21 thoughts on “Bwaahhh!”

  1. not bad at all :)

    BTW, had to drag&drop the link into winamp, just clicking on it didn’t do anything (maybe I should have tried other browsers, my default is Chrome)

  2. Daddy can you fix it? – yes he can
    (those kids programmes really get to you don’t they?)

    Brilliant stuff mate, I don’t listen to much out and out metal these days, but that’s as good as I’ve heard in a long while, and I can make out what you’re singing, keep em coming Petesy baby!!!


  3. Still waiting for the melodic bit….;O)
    It’s quite catchy, excellent crunchy guitar sound and your singing reminds me of someone, possibly Sean Harris without the out of tune flowery bits.That Craig is a right solid drummer.
    The Mrs will love it.

  4. Ah, bless you for those kind words.

    The guitar doesn’t come through the laptop speakers at all, too many low-mid frequencies, sounds right queer. But on the iPod it sounds fine, so I’m happy to leave it up :o)

    Now to go and clean the horror of my Flying V, definitely my new best pal.

    LInk to Myspace for folk who can’t open the clicky

    Quick gear list:

    Guitar : ESP Edwards FV85 (Strung with Ernie Ball 11-54 Beefy Slinky’s)
    Bass: Wesbury Track IV (Strung with the bottom four strings of a 5-string Ernie Ball set, the low B is the same width as my pinkie)
    Amp: Studio’s own Ampeg bass stack
    Effects: Vintage Boss Flanger, Dimension C and Digital Delay. Dunlop Crybaby and my secret weapon, a Danelectro Fab Tone.
    Dunlop 1.14mm picks, the delrin one’s mostly, Levy’s SS7 suede straps with Schaller strap locks (all my guitars), Boss chromatic tuner, purple and yellow cables from ebay and a bottle of Irn Bru at my feet.
    See, the geekiness isn’t just for the outdoors.

  5. Interesting stuff, and good. Makes me think of Sabbath: Wheels of Confusion, crossed with something like Ramstein and a whole bunch of other influences in there I wouldn’t hazard to guess.

  6. Sounds like early Alice in Chains Pete, a rawer Layne Staley, which isn’t a bad thing cause they were tremendous. Shame he had a penchant for sticking scag in his arms, they would have been massive if he had lived longer.

  7. Yaaaaaaaassssssss!!!!! Are you doing all the vocals (BV’s too)? Nice one. \m/
    Do you do weddings? :o)

  8. Aye, it’s all me hitting things and shouting except for the drums, which Craig (W) was hitting.

    I have a frilly fronted shirt especially for wedding performances.

  9. Excellent! I’ll keep that in mind!

    PS You can commission me to design your album artwork soon, I’m going back to college in September – finally! Excited :o)

    1. Er, you getting married then?

      College you say? We shall speak of it on the bike trip. Of which there will be one, soon.

  10. Oooooooh! Just lovely. Have NEVER heard anyone else who sounds quite the same. And the V sounds great! Bet you’re glad you got it.

  11. Have you and Holly checked out the Zingzillas ‘Rock Band’ episode? Not the best intro to rock ‘n’ metal that I’ve ever seen :)

  12. Just had a listen to this song. I like it. It starts off suggesting Metallica, but then quickly changes. The main body of the song reminds of another band, but I can’t remember which one. The problems of owning vast amounts of music.

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