B/W A Passage to Bangkok

I can’t believe it’s only Thursday. I left with great optimism early on Monday but there was rain, so rather than go to work everybody decided to sit in their cars and go nowhere on the motorway. Hurrah.
I’d told Si I’d be there at 1200, thinking I’d be there earlier, I got there at 1215. I’m never making clever plans again, I’m shite at it. However, once there, where there is was Lyon Equipment’s HQ, both HQ’s actually, there was much to see and we got round it. I’ll write this up soon, I know what happens to our Perzl headtorch’s now, I know the team who field complaints from folk that can’t work Jetboil’s, I’ve seen rope, webbing and stitching tested ’til it snapped and where rescue crews get trained to get folk out of burning buildings 100ft up. All cool stuff.
Then there was innov-ex. Over two days this year, some big players involved in the lectures, some interesting and important stuff, but also plenty of time to see familiar folk, meet news ones and it seems to drink endless cuppas too. I was in my element.
I have hundreds of photies and hundred of pages of notes from all three days, I’ll distill it all down and see what’s in there,

I came home, fell on the couch wearily and said “I’m done with gear this week…”. “Really?” said Joycee, “This came…” I unwrapped the little square box and pulled out a Pacific Outdoor Peak Elite AC, another new brand in for test. I sat back up squeezing the little stuffsack going ooohhh… as Holly brought me a can of Irn Bru from the fridge “We can share it” she said.
I stuck in the DVD (to a mixed reaction) from the new edition of Rush’s Moving Pictures that had also come in from Amazon while I was away and I sat back as Geddy Lee warbled A modern day warrior, mean mean stride. Today’s Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride in some very 80’s looking clothing.
It’s nice to go, but it’s nice to be home.

Right, what’s the forecast? I think it says I’m not going away again this week.

5 thoughts on “B/W A Passage to Bangkok”

  1. I don’t think you’ll ever get fed up with gear:o)
    Rush…… good stuff. Happy memories. Have you seen the film “Beyond the lighted stage” (I think that’s the title…) I enjoyed quite that.

  2. Oh, the POE Peak Elite is on my “must buy when money is no object” list, I love my POE Ether and this one looks even better…

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