What do you want to do today?
“My want er… Daddy’s mountains and build a snowman”

Off we went to Lochgoilhead, quiet trails to walk, down a quiet singletrack road and somewhere where Holly had been when she was just a little baby.
This time she walked a good bit of it, but had great fun in the “Hollypod” as well, although making dad run after mum while she was in it took years off of the old fellas knees…
We had a picnic in the sunshine, saw red squirrels, waterfalls and birdies in a landscape waking up and coming back to life with a flourish.

The Arrochar Alps looked beautiful (and awfy busy) as we passed, snow clinging on as green creeps up to meet it.
We had some unusual sounds in the motor too, the usual mix was there, but Holly has an ear for the pipes and traditional music so I have a few favourites in there like The Mist Covered Mountains, With a Hundred Pipers and of course Macfarlane’s Calling.
I’ve spent a lifetime denying the cliches of the land of my birth, but as I grow older, when I hear the pipes I can now feel something tugging at me deep inside. It’s a wonderful thing.

Holly was knackered by the time we got back to the motor and could hardly keep her eyes open at granny’s when she arrived for dinner all rosy-cheeked and muddy. 
A perfect day.

17 thoughts on “Buttons”

  1. Holly has it sussed – smart girl :-)

    Arrochar was busy though not as bad as we thought, still space in the carpark when we got there at 11am. There was still a fair bit of snow about but suspect that last night’s rain may have washed a lot of that away :-(

  2. Aye, Hill of Stake’s still got a few streaks, but it’s slipping away.
    Ach, trainers and t-shirts will be no hardship :o)

  3. Aye, I got a bit of the sun on Monday!

    And speaking of which, the cloud just broke out there. Hmm, looks nice but I need dinner…

  4. Looks like a great trail, might take the family there when the weathers better – which judging by the wind blowing in my window at the moment, won’t be any time soon!
    Holly is getting so big. Ryan’s just asked who the girl was and I told him, i said she was out for a walk with her mummy and daddy and he asked if there was a park?! :o)

  5. Well, you do pass some fields on the way up :o)
    It’s a cracking trail, goes up to the Donich Water falls and you can branch off for anything up to 21 miles of trail (which is a brilliant walk or bike).
    Holly is definitely growing up fast!

  6. We took a nice family walk up Tinto Hill on Friday, and we were surprised to find it totally snow covered right from the car park. Bit tricky with a 6 and 7 year old so we didn’t make the top. I would think its receded a fair bit in the last couple of days.

    By the way, if you like the pipes, another reason to do the LAMM ;) – you are awakened at 6am by a piper. You hear a few grumbles from nearby tents, but I love it.

  7. “awakened at 6am by a piper” Would a change from a Holly!

    Great for the wee yins to get to see snow this late in the year. It was just too far up the hill for us.

  8. Fields!, i think he meant swings, climbing frames and the like. It’s funny you say about Holly liking the pipe music, Ryan too has a liking for pipebands and music – especially drums (much to my annoyance sometimes). He walks about blowing into imaginary pipes moving his arm in and out (i have a video from last summer). Plus his Granda plays it all the time in the car when they go for the weekly ship to Morrisons – not from iTunes though, CD’s. :o)

  9. Wow! Holly is growing up…. It doesn’t seem that long ago you were posting about being a new Dad and the scariness of having a such a wee thing dependent on you.

    I didn’t think much of the bagpipes until I stayed at Stirling youth hostel many, ummm, many years ago, when I was a teen. There was a military pipeband doing ‘beating the retreat’, or somesuch in the castle carpark. We could hardly move, and the band hadn’t got much room. But boy what a noise. Stiring stuff, if played well, which the squadie boys did.

  10. Ange, there were trees, and some boulders, adventure playground? Huge heilan coos as well :o)
    I’ve got iTunes or casettes in my motor!

    Beth, it’s come round awfy quick, the last couple of years have flown by. Holly is such a joy.

    There’s nothing quite like the sound of massed pipes and drums, you can feel it as much as hear it.

  11. I only insisted on 2 things for oor upcoming wedding: 1)Stovies for the evening guests
    2)A piper for before and after we jump the broomstick.

    We could have had the whole pipe band if they didnae have a competiton on the same day :o)

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