They’re trying to make the Golden Eagle the national burd of Scotland. I don’t know about that.

The Scots Pine is now our national tree and that’s perfect. It struggled a bit the past few hundred years, it needs looking after but it’s got a proud past despite being cleared from it’s land and it’s got a good future if it plants it’s roots in the right places. You can’t get more Scottish than that.

The Golden Eagle though, it’s like making a pop star or a gold medalist your ambassador to the world. It’s a little misleading. What we need is something a little smaller in scale and in scope, a little more gallus in many ways.
A wee burd that’s got it’s priorities right, it lives in the land, not perched above it, it loves it’s family and it’s got a singing voice that you’d only hear again on a Friday night from a Partick side street after chucking out time back in the 70s. It changes its colour to suit the weather, but it’s tough enough to sit out whatever nature brings its way.

The Golden Eagle is grand but fragile. The Ptarmigan is the eternal wee man, maybe nothing to look at but it’s a survivor, out there by itself in the mountains it’ll do just fine.
You can’t get more Scottish than that.


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