It feels like winter’s been here forever, but it’s still not been long enough to get all the stuff done that I’d wanted to. I hope the snow’s here for a bit yet.

I am now officially a geek. I have here a new set of digital scales, fresh from rattling about the back of a courier van.
All weights mentioned will now be accurate (except my own…).

8 thoughts on “Buggo!”

  1. Nice photo.

    Winter is here for a while yet, I think. I have this tendency to think it’s over as soon as there’s a big thaw, like we’re having right now, but there’ll be snow soon enough.

    That’s the difference between the winters we’re having now and the winters 20+ years ago. We probably have a similar amount of snow but the thaws are a bit more persistent. The highs are higher and the lows are lower. I think, anyway.

    I’d put money on there being another significant snowfall in the next few weeks.

  2. It’s all disappeared down in Englandshire… :((

    I hope you’re right about a fresh dump. Sometime in the next 7 days would be good – next weekend is my last chance for a Cairngorms weekend!

    (After that I’ll just have to make do with Norway! ;O)

  3. Johnny, would you believe that’s Ben Lomond’s SW ridge there!

    There’s still some snow, and they say more is ikely. But I still get misty eyed about the old days of wearing crampons in April…

    Norway indeed. Hurrumph :o)

  4. All you need to do with those scales is set up the excel sheet and record all the kit weight. It is obsessive. I do it. Gram here, gram there all adds up. I wont cut labels from clothing. Will you? Nice snowy scene by the way.

  5. “I am now officially a geek. I have here a new set of digital scales”

    I’ve been looking at scales too :o(

    I always feel terribly left out of those “I saved 0.02gms by cutting the elastic out of my socks” or somesuch conversations.

  6. Kev don’t do it, I already discovered that it’s another barrier to picking your kit and getting ou the house…

    Sbrt, there will be no place to hide :o)

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