Buffalo arches

Good grief, is that the time. I’m now standing at the back of the log jam kicking it as hard as possible to get it through the gap. But I think I might just skip that, run along the top of it and deal with it all later.

Risky though, being trapped under a log jam is good plot device in movies, and I don’t want to be a party to such shenanigans. Another popular peril was sticking a character in quicksand, most notably Anthony Quayle in Ice Cold in Alex. You don’t see quicksand in movies these days, although I’m vaguely recalling tar and oil pits being used in recent times.

A classically trained actor in a paddling pool full of cornflakes and the arses of the viewing public wre on the edges of their seats. George Lucas has a lot to answer for with his damned Star Wars.

12 thoughts on “Buffalo arches”

  1. That Family Guy ‘Star Wars’ spoof is some of the funniest animation ever created… as long as you’re a fan of Family Guy and have at least a vaugue idea of Star Wars!

    All you need to get out of quicksand is a couple of polecats and the ability to use the Jedi mind trick….


  2. Good link :o)

    Here there’d a lot of folk on YouTube were scarred for life by quickand in movies as well as me it seems.

  3. I know, i was looking for a clip from an old black and white Tarzan movie where someone falls into quicksand that haunted me for years. i couldn’t find the exact clip but as you say, there’s plenty of others on there. I can also remember vividly the display of quicksand and a victim at the Mont St. Michel museum from a school trip when i was 13.

    Feel slightly better now that Bear Grylls showed us how to get out of it on the telly.

  4. Take it you haven’t seen the new Indiana Jones movie then, Ptc*, with its classic ‘rescued from the quicksand in the nick of time’ scene?

  5. Indeed not. I’ve heard worrying tales of the movie though…

    Aparently quicksand isn’t ever that deep. Bog however goes straight to the earths core. The famous tales of when they were putting down the support for the West Highland Line across Rannoch Moor for example. They were sinking the track base so deep in places that they were displacing the bog and horses (+riders?) came the surface that had been sucked under after taking a wrong turn during the confusion the ’45 uprising.

    That’s played on my mind over the years s well. That and the fact that the railway partly floats on the moor.

  6. In a rather timely manner, we’re just back from a pleasant stroll in the Peak District and, I kid you not, on one stretch we passed a load of signs warning “Danger – Quicksand”! I took photies…. :))

  7. Here you go, I’ve stuck them in an OM album….


    A bit further on there were more signs – “No swimming, deep water”, “Very cold water, keep out”, “Deep Mud, No Entry” and such. It all smacked very much as a serious attempt at “Keep ‘orf my land”!! ;O)

    Then again we were passing the edge of Topley Pike Quarry! ;)

  8. All I know is I watched a guy in a shirt and tie sink in mud when Zi was 12. I’ll never forget watching him struggle while help was arriving. The mud seemed to slowly swallow him like some kind of monster! By the time help arrived, all that was left of the muscular due was his head and neck tie floating above the surface. He was saved from the death trap in the nick of time. I’ll never forget that!!

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