Bronze Records

It was a beautiful morning, ribbons of cloud floated low on the hills and the river as a golden sun rose slowly and chased them all away into nothingness. I kinda missed it, by the time I got to the beach the morning was straightening itself up, but it was still poetry in technicolour. Especially with the camera on sunset by accident.

My next day off is around ten days away, then I may have to work the holidays too, all self inflicted due to rubbish admin so I’m not complaining, but what joy there will be when I finally catch up.
It’s not all snuggly wrapped bandages of inconvenience though, a wee run down to the beach is never too much bother and lunch today was with two blokes who have had a great impact on my life and for whom I have the greatest respect, it was a joy.

The hills can wait a little longer, I’m too damned tired anyway. Not too tired to pick up a guitar though, we’re looking to schedule in some recording time over the “holidays”, can’t wait for that, I have much angst to express via the medium of shouting and hitting things.
Gear? Aye, just you wait and see. 

2 thoughts on “Bronze Records”

  1. Good to hear you’re finally seeing some light at the end of the proverial chap – all work and no play is a tiring place to be. Just finished the most hectic period for me in years, so I have enough funds to clear off to the Atlas mountains for 15 days on Jan 1st.
    It’s been grand working hard, I’d forgotten how rewarding it can be mentally and sometimes the craic with mates at work is as good as it gets. Happy days.
    So no sneaky clues as to what you’ve been testing? Or anything small and superlight you need me to test :-P as I’m struggling to fit it all in the Villain! Winter gear, sleep gear, petrol stove and everything else needed for two weeks on my own is a big ask haha.

  2. Ah good lad, you have a fine time. Work = reward.

    Gear? A few things here and on the way, not been much of that lately, so I’ll be catching up a little bit. New scary light Terra Nova Voyager pack arrived today :o)

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