Broadsword calling Danny Boy

It was an excercise if futility.

I packed up and ran for hills as the sky was clearing. I’ll get a night at 400m and just blow the dust of some of the colder weather kit.
But clambering haphazardly towards the Lang Craigs with my vision rearwards towards the setting sun was bound to have some sort of consequence.
As I pulled myself out of the burn, not only were my Hi-Tec’s full of water (Aye, they’re waterproof. Once it’s in there it doesn’t come out) and my trousers soaked to mid thigh, but my bubble of enthusiasm had landed on the bathwater of chance and was popped by the passing yellow plastic duck of misfortune.
I squelched home. Camping with wet gear is fine, but only three miles from home? Bugger that.
I paid for my weakness and lack of resolve. Last night there was a clear sky and bright moon, the fog crept down the Clyde and over the land giving it a thin, low covering of mist.  A ship being guided up-river sounded its mournful fog horn and I could here its engines before I saw its lights glide pass me slowly as if on a cushion of air.
I’ve been thinking about how that must looked from the hills above me all day. Watching the sun rise and burn it away slowly, revealing the pleasantly silent wonders of early morning West Dunbartonshire below.

Stupid bastard.

However, today Minardi won the Italian GP (sort of…) and on the telly right now is Where Eagles Dare. I’ve got a fresh cuppa and Jammie Dodgers.

I’ll call it a draw.

13 thoughts on “Broadsword calling Danny Boy”

  1. I see it ended much the same as the last time I watched it…. still, all that falling off/out of things, and such careless use of an ice axe – not a good example for us all :)

  2. Very true.
    I was always tempted by one of those white/camo reversible jackets they wore. I remember Extreme made them. Maybe they still do, I’ll away and see…

  3. I know it’s mean of me, and you’re going to ban me and wish me hell-on-the-hills in the form of a 40lbs pack, heavy boots and leaking tent. But pete, can I just say this (and I know, it couldn’t be more unfair on someone who just got soaked for nuffin on the hills): you write beautifully; you’ve got this fantastic knack for evoking the feeling of being up there with the gods, come rain or shine. But look here:

    A ship being guided up-river sounded it’s mournfull fog horn and I could here it’s engines before I saw it’s lights glide pass me slowly as if on a cushion of air.

    Them three ” it’s ” should all be “its”. They are adjectives, not verbs. And I keep getting kicked back to reality when I read your beautifully flowing prose, with its perfectly judged rhythm and smell of the tussock, because I get to an ” it’s ” and I try to parse the sentence again thinking I’ve misunderstood. I don’t mind ‘mournfull’, but I do mind adjectives being turned into verbs because I lose my bearing and crash back to earth from your dreamy narrative. It’s like a puncture in your Downmat at 3am.

    Sorry. I only say this because of the quality of your stuff. Wouldn’t waste your bandwidth if I thought it wasn’t worthwhile.


  4. Well spotted.
    I actually don’t spell check or edit until I publish a post. For some reason I notice things better when they’re up on the page.
    Tonight however, I pressed “Publish” and sat on the couch and watched Ronin.

    Hasty editing coming up…

  5. Bloody fog horn, it was at 12:00 o’clock at night or something, glad someone got some enjoyment out of it! Sun set on Friday was the best, I was eagerly awaiting some piccies on here from it, obviously not to be, from Friday or Saturday.

    Where Eagles dare – what a classic! Up there with the Guns of Navarone and the heroes of Telemark, and close to my all time favorite – El Cid.

  6. I saw El Cid in the cinema years back. They showed a season of classics, there was Ben Hur, Spartacus and others all in Cinemascope (?) complete with the original intermissions still in the movies.
    Magic :o)

  7. Glad you didnae take it ill, ptc*. I didn’t dare loggin’ back in in case you had banned me or somefin’…

    I meant every word I said by way of praise. You’ve really got the knack for writing short stories. I mean, you say things as they happened to you, but they sound like stories and that’s grand. Not many people have got that gift. I think they’d be worth collecting one day.

    Ah, those old movies! Haven’t had a telly in ages, but if I had one, those would be the first ones I’d wish to watch. And Zulu, and Sink the Bismarck.

    At least I’d have something to do, it’s pishing down with rain again…

  8. Pheew, Just as well I cancelled on this weekend then dude! Then again a guid laugh at somone else’s expense would have been preferable to what I was up to instead.

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