British Steel

Thinking is never good, just leads to trouble.
I’ve done many things that make me wince, even 20 or 30 years on I screw up my face at the memory of whatever I’d said or done. They say that youth is wasted on the young, I think it’s more that experience is wasted on the old. The knees are too weak to take advantage of all that previously gathered intel.
Everything’s a learning experience, and as I think back to when I thought that I was so right and arguing that very point while waving my arms around, I see how I could have played it better, and that maybe I was only 80% right as well. 70% at the very least. Of course, experience doesn’t just tell you how to avoid mistakes, it tells you from those very same incidents just how to annoy and antagonise people efficiently, so every embarrassing occasion in your past is actually a win/win in reality.
So when Rob Halford was shrieking “You don’t have to be old to be wiiiiiiiiiiiise!!!!” he was wrong and he was right. Youth is getting to the summit without breaking sweat and sticking a middle finger up, age is getting to the summit a little out of breath, but at the same time, by a different route after an extra hour in bed.

5 thoughts on “British Steel”

  1. Been listening to the Priest a lot lately… Breakin’ the Law in particular. I still have limited edition 12″ vinyl versions too of Livin’ after Midnight.


  2. I was sifting though my old vinyl at folks house a couple of weeks back, ah the memories. My Priest Evening Star clear vinyl 12″ is a cracker, the firts single I ever bought was Take on all the World.

    Seeing them in Glasgow in July, I hope they are better than last time when the Scorpions kicked their ass.

  3. Well, if they play like they did when I saw them two years ago – you’ll enjoy it.

    Looking back, their sound was what the NWOBHM was all about but at the time I thought the image was a little too cheesy for them to be the definitive NWOBHM act. Funny how my opinions have changed.

    :-$ My first single was Boney M -Rasputin. I blame my parents.

  4. Thought about going myself but for some negative reason i don’t think they will be very good. Don’t no why as i have had their best of cd on in the car for the past month. Can Rob Halford still cut it? Still got maiden to contend with at MEN and can’t wait for that. Is it back to winter up your way then Pete?

  5. First saw Priest 30 years ago, if it’s their final tour I have to go. However, I’ll be seeing Maiden the next night in the very same hall?!

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