Bridgedale X-Hale TrailBlaze

In for test is an update of something that’s already been on my feet the past few years, Bridgedale X-Hale TrailBlaze multisport socks.

When the X-Hales and the Ventums came out I thought they were a real step-up (hmm…) from Bridgedale, zoned fabrics, minimal padding, an asymmetric fit on the Ventums, everything a traditional sock isn’t in fact. They proved keepers and my sock drawer is full of new and vintage models of both styles.
The new TrailBlazes are 31% merino with a nylon/polypropylene mix making up the rest, with 1% lycra to keep the fit and shape in good order. They’re a little thicker than the other X-Hales and a good height at the ankle for wearing with mids.
These’ll be fine for lower level winter stuff, good in the new waterproof bike shoes as well I dare say.
Bridgedale tweaked their fit a good while back, and as a size 9 I had to start taking the mediums (up to 8.5) which were a nice snug fit, that way the sock wouldn’t stretch too much in use. I’ll report back on whether the new models sizing is the same and how they do in general. No surprises I hope, I hate when they mess with a good formula.

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