We all went to see Brave, Holly, Joycee, Granny, Grandpa and me. It started well, lots of giggles and chuckles from the girl and other weans in the packed afternoon cinema. When it took a darker turn, Holly was up on my knee, when it got a little more worrying she edged along the row to Grandpa, when it looked like Merida was going to get torn apart by the bear (see it, you’ll know what bit I mean) the girl was fastened around mummy’s neck. But she stayed for the whole film when many of her peers broke ranks and howled their way to the foyer. And, she loved it.

Me? It’s the best film I’ve seen in years. The animation is beautiful, the voice acting is fantastic and the story is simple and full of drama, humour, terror and emotion. I was right there from the start and for 90 minutes I laughed, sat forward in my seat and I swear I even misted up at one point. Near the start Merida escapes the castle for a wee break from it all and rides Angus her horse through the glens and on that ride I saw the Highlands as the live in my head when I’m not there. The shapes, the colours, the light, the timeless wonder, they captured it absolutely perfectly and it hit me in the head so hard I swear I didn’t breathe until Merida got back to the castle.
I’ve never seen the Highlands so perfectly depicted as I have in Brave, the moss on the trees, the ruined broch, the deep heather and grass, the way the river runs over the boulders, it wasn’t Disney and Pixar giving us their version they gave us the real thing.

Another things that was Brave about the movie was the voice acting, the accents are all real and unrestrained, they’re voices I hear all the time, I wonder just how may folk are getting every word of it outside Scotland? Especially the wee bits of doric Kevin McKidd was coming out with as the MacGuffins. Which brings me to another gem at the Highland Games bit, quietly in the background was heard the cry “MacGuffin you’re pish!”. Add to that “Jings, Crivvens Help ma’ Boab!” from Merida and I was pretty much on home turf the whole time.

I expected to hate it and I absolutely loved it. So many Scottish themed films float on negativity, either from the characters or from the situation or premise ( of which we have many obvious choices), but this was joy and brimming with positives in every way.
I can’t recommend Brave enough and if you do go, go early and catch the short animation La Luna that’s on before it, it’s a wee delight all by itself.

6 thoughts on “Brave”

  1. Yup … Brave is definitely on my list to go to the cinema for.

    On an unrelated matter, I heard that Corrour Station House Restaurant is back in business. I talked to (?) Lizzie Mackenzie there who confirmed this. However, accommodation is not being offered for a few months.

    Apparently, the view from the front isn’t what it used to be …

    BUT who really cares !! THere’s always the back to look out of …

  2. I spend most of my free time in the cinema these days so can’t wait to see this film! Taking the boys. I love the wee triplets. And a band of ginger heroes is great. I fear the boys might get picked on because of their bright ginger hair (you know how cruel some kids can be) but here we have heroes, Disney heroes no less, with ginger hair a-plenty. Nice work Pixar.

  3. Good news on Corrour!

    I’m going back to see Brave, me and Holly are playing bits from the movie all the time, she can’t decide if I’m The Dad or the Bad Bear.

  4. Watched Brave this evening, really enjoyed it, though was expecting a bit more shooting n stuff in it. Rather liked the Asterix-style fight between the clans!

  5. Shooting and stuff :o)

    Actually, if you buy the game you get super arrows for your bow that is indeed just like shooting and stuff. Me and the girl cleaned up on the trophies yesterday.

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