Brasher Mountain Master Sock Review

Socks are a nightmare to review. It all starts out well, you put the packaging somewhere safe to reference back to and you get on with wearing and washing them. Pretty soon the packaging is long gone, the socks are in the wash, or one of them is at least and you’ve no idea what they’re called and they don’t match anything on the brand’s website because everything on there is perfect foot shape.
But, the important thing there is that you’ve been wearing them, a good sock gets worn and washed.

Brasher’s Mountain Master Socks have been a regular in recent times and they’re the best Brasher socks I’ve used. They’re quite beefy, a cool and cold weather outdoor sock and also a big hit with steel toe-capped boots. Warmth is good as is comfort, the construction is a mix of 59% merino and a mix of synthetics, Coolmax for excellent sweat management with nylon and elastane to help give the sock some strength and shape integrity.
There’ a sensible amount of padding and different area have different densities, but it all adds up to a good sock for boots. The padding is standing up to repeated use quite well, the photie shows the socks just before they go in the wash after a long day with the top one inside out. Plenty of internal loops still standing to attention and the high impact areas do come back well enough for the socks to go straight back on again.

Against the skin comfort is good, the fabric is soft, but whether or not the left and right specific design makes a difference I don’t know. The difference isn’t as pronounced between the two socks as some manufactures make such things, but it’s nice to know which foot is which at camp on day two. Talking of which, the socks to slacken off a bit with wear, a couple of days wear is as far as I’d like to go with these before I’d want to wash them to reset the shape again. Not much of a problem with good fitting footwear, but with slack ankled boots or the like you’ll be pulling the socks up at some point as they slacken off around the heel.
The fabric is spot on for moisture management, merino and coolmax are a killer combination for feet and the high merino content is keeping stink at arms length, impressively so I think, these are among the least smelly socks I’ve used.

A nice sock. The fabric is spot on, the ankle stays up without any undue pressure. Less overall stretch would make them better, but they fit the bill across a wide window of opportunity, work, mountain, trainers and they’re wearing well after many 40º wash cycles.

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