Brasher Lithium GTX

I’ve got quite a range of footwear on test, my feet are going to get awfy confused… Here we have the Brasher Lithium GTX, a boot which I really wasn’t expecting.
I’ll explain that, Brasher is tagged in my memory with wide fitting, sloppy heel cup, brown leather, dotty soled and rambler. The Lithium is none of those, it’s a modern looking fabric/suede waterproof boot. It feels light, looks decent enough and most interestingly, has a narrower “European” fit. My feet will be much happier in here than in Brashers of old, even the heel cup feels more secure. The sole feels quite aggressive with nice square-edged blocks and has an easy flex with just a little stiffness apparent. The ankle cuff is quite high, but soft too, so more for dirt and water protection than that mouldy old chestnut, “support”.
I’ll get Kahtoola crampons on here okay, but they do feel like a spring boot, so more in a wee bit.

2 thoughts on “Brasher Lithium GTX”

  1. That’s a bugger not having the same wide choice of footwear as all the 9’s and 10’s out there.
    I wonder what the sales figures are for 12’s and 13’s for those that make them? It must be worth their while, so why are more manufacturers not doing it?
    I must remember to ask.

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