Brasher Kanaga GTX

The foray into the wonderful world of testing boots continues with the Brasher Kanaga’s. They’re a B1 rated winter boot, but they look anything but. The styling is that fell-walking thing, like old Meindl Burma’s or something. Now, I’m not being nasty here, lots of winter boots are all disco-y with their colours and their shiny silver, so we need some badass but traditional and approachable models out there to keep the balance.

The outsole is a cracker, a Vibram Foura. Deep, square edged lugs to bite deep, the heel is a square edged block for sinking into snow on descent. There’s a full rand to save the nubuck upper from the worst of abrasion from the neve too.
They’re chunky, they feel robust, but with a bit of flex on both the sole and the upper. I’ll see how much that ankle cuff eases off. It’s well padded, a nice leather lining on the cuff, so my ankles should be okay until they soften up.
There’s a Gore-Tex lining, smooth running eyelets for the laces and the tongue is well formed and padded for taking the compression from crampons straps.

Boots are moving on which is good. I’ve learned that there’s models out there that don’t upset my flexible feet sensibilities, hopefully these’ll join the fun.
More later.

4 thoughts on “Brasher Kanaga GTX”

  1. Hi,
    Interested to know if they survived the christmas snow and ice…
    I’m after some B1 rated for all year use, tried them on in the shop today and they fit me really well.
    your feedback would be much appreciated.

  2. They survived well, I hardly got out in December!
    It’ll be March before I’ve got a proper update, I’m going to do a winter boot round-up then.
    I think if they fit they’ve a decent non-tech winter boot, that exposed stiching is something I’ve been watching though. More later!

  3. Unbelievable!
    Bought a pair, really comfy in shop and round house for two days (just to make sure so could return if required before getting dirty)

    First outing, 10 miles yesterday, ended up with a MASSIVE Left heel blister.

    Really sore now and cant use the boots. Cant return them.

    for sale: one pair of Kanagas, mis-sold by Brashers own reviews/tests

  4. Ah, nightmare. Nothing is more miserable on a trip than your feet getting ground away by a pair of unforgiving boots.

    Probably worth another try when your foots better, they’ll be worn in to your foot shape a little.

    I’m on the fence about them, I’ll need to take them out again.

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