Bowling Natural Play Day 5th July

Joycee is running a free project in our local swing park next week. It’s promoting kids playing outdoors and there’s going to be all sorts of stuff happening as seen on the poster below.

Kids will be entertained, amused and enthralled by what’s in the park and the woods nearby from making mud pies to orienteering in fancy dress… There’s also special helper for the day Denise Van Outen for the dad’s to try and not look at while they’re getting their bike fixed for free at the bike workshop.

It’s a great idea, reclaiming all the stuff we did when we were wee for the next generation of kids which includes my Holly. Come along and say hello. Also vote for us on the website on the poster so we win the big prize to fix up the old quarry and railway track so it’s safe and fun for kids and families.

That’s Bowling, by the River Clyde just NW of the Erskine Bridge. On the much maligned A82.

7 thoughts on “Bowling Natural Play Day 5th July”

  1. Just stuck a vote in. Good luck with it all.

    I’ll be at work on Thursday however i’ll see if my good lady and our 17 month old daughter are able to pop across the river to be part of it.

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