Bless us, every one.

Went along to the church in the next village tonight to see Holly do her stuff with the Girls’ Brigade in this years Christmas Special.
The church was pretty busy, full of kids, parents, grandparents and noise. Everyone had their turn, the groups sang a song or told a story or a poem or a wee prayer. Holly’s clan were singing Mary’s Boy Child, the Boney M single and it was brilliant to see the rows of little faces getting into the zone of both song and Christmas. I probably shouldn’t have made Holly laugh during the last verse mind you.
The 12 days of Christmas was funny, the pews had numbers on them and you had to stand up and sing the corresponding number in the song, so we were up and down with Six geese a-laying! until the end of the song. Brilliant fun. Put people together with nothing but a sheet of words and it’s like you’ve cast a magic spell. So much of modern life is designed to take as away from that kind of simple joy to make us part with cash for more sophisticated entertainment. Unashamedly going for White Chistmas in full Bing Crosby mode will be the highlight of my week.
The hour or so flew by and there was much banter and smiling as we filed out through the frozen churchyard. You could tell everyone had worked hard to put this together and I’m pleased for them that it went so well.

For a godless barbarian I’m a bundle of contraditions aren’t I.

6 thoughts on “Bless us, every one.”

  1. True, and there’s plenty of versions of where that might be. The solution is to be happy with your own explanation and not be worried about someone elses.
    That would give us world peace.

  2. Really wonderful piece Peter. There are undoubtedly benign and worthwhile aspects to religion – although I am an atheist Christmas has always meant a lot to me. At its best it is an opportunity to genuinely share joyous experiences and think of the welfare of others. Money and commercialism have tainted it – as you show some of the best times cost little or nothing.

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