Black and orange

Regular listeners will be fed up with the view out of my windae, but the position of the sun as it hits the horizon is a constant fascination. It’s reached the maximum stretch of its elastic and is heading downstream towards summer.
That just means a little extra light everyday. The best of winter is still to come.

But, being at home I spent the day on admin. My mobile had been switched off since the 18th of December and I hadn’t checked my business email either. Fantastic.
There’s still is some catching up to be done, but I don’t want to give myself a stitch or a blister, so I’ll finish it all tomorrow.

The weekend is occupying my thoughts most of all though. First high camp of the year, meeting up with friends and the weather is looking uncertain. Still, I’m sleeping in my own tent for the first time in ages and for some reason that’s quite exciting. Not exciting like landing the Space Shuttle or walking into a chair leg with bare feet, more akin to finding an unexpected tenner in your pocket or getting away from school early.

And the human interest story before we go the news and weather where you are, is that I stood on the bathroom scales last night and it wasn’t good. Wasn’t good at all.

9 thoughts on “Black and orange”

  1. I’m too feart tae stand on mine, this year I shall be running…..often and oot wildcamping lots. Just not this weekend.

    Been looking at nice interesting trails to run around Muirkirk. Thats a nicely composed photie.

  2. I was shamed into a splosh in the pool yesterday, for the first time in weeks. Not that I got on the scales; just that they looked at me…

  3. Fitness, youth and stunning good looks shall be ours people. Oh yes.

    I liked the two crows on the tree BBF, never even saw them ’til I developed it.
    Ten minutes earlier…

    Downloaded, not developed…christ…

  4. One day you will take a bad photo. One day…but not today. That is cracking. When you hitting that wildcamp so we can look out for more stunning photos?.

    PS what camera and setting was that?

  5. I think I’ll be camping in cloud later in the week, Cue loads of moody grey shots!

    The camera is my Panasonic Lumix LX3, my wee Nikon Coolpix seems to have dropped dead so I’m stuck with it and its huge manual. The settings are the auto ones, one was landscape and one was sunset landscape, but I don’t know which was which. I will get to grips with it.
    I don’t want to waste any nice winter photie opportunities!

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