Bixonic Expandora

Snuffle, cough, the trip will have to wait ’til my tubes are clear. Bloody hell. However, I feel a road trip coming on at the weekend, that means scones with a view. Alright!

Outdoor gear? Pah! Exciting shopping involves other stuff and I am extremely pleased to come home today with a new shifter. My last big shifter got stolen from the back of the motor outside a job and I’ve both missed it and been reluctant to part with the cash for a new one.
However, this lovely thing was hanging in a display case by the trade counter where I was trying in vain to attract the attention of someone to serve me near closing time. By the time I did get served, me and the shifter had gone from making eye contact, to laughing over drinks to swapping phone numbers and shuffling nervously about what to do next.
I shall wrap its jaws around something on Monday.

What the hell man? A voice from the kitchen says we have a garden centre Christmas night to go to in half an hour. I’ll take my shifter.

4 thoughts on “Bixonic Expandora”

  1. Ooooh. Shiny :-)

    Sadly, I’ve no idea of the scale. I have a feeling it’s bigger than the one in my toolkit, though. I’ve always hankered after some 1″ drive sockets, but I’d need an agricultural vehicle to go with them…

  2. It’s a 15″. My stolen one was 18″ and heavy as hell, so this is a decent compromise. It fits 28mm brass fittings so it’ll get a good bit of use right away.

    That would be a badass socket set :0)

  3. My mates dad used to have a tool shop and when he shut it the stuff left just got piled up in the garage. We sorted some stuff and chucked loads of crap. We came across a massive set of sockets and a ratchet and the make was KING DICK. Pissed ourselves for ages over that and flogged em to a passing gypsy.

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