Bill Ward

Reading folk’s blogs can sometimes be like watching someone having a nervous breakdown through the medium of text and photies. I wanted to say through the medium of mime, I still think it fits saying mime, better than saying interpretive dance anyway, that would just be stupid.
My mental state has been altered by an entire week at home on the couch, all of it, all five days, the last two of which has been divided between DVD’s, online car chases against cheating bastards, endless cuppas and not switching my mobile phone on as I have a great fear of it and the people who might be trying to get me. Not get me in a mafia hit or loaned lawnmower that I should have returned ages ago and haven’t because I broke it running over a brick fashion, more in an actually speak to me and ask where the hell I am and why am I not fixing their pipes etc
However, the fear and the nervous breakdown have been tempered by a joyous discovery, that of Drumsticks. Yes, it should have been Holly’s, but I absent mindedly unwrapped it and chewed on it. It’s 30-odd years since I last had one of these and by Jimmy time has not dulled their appeal. Not for kids this complex tasting confectionary delight oh no, it’s filling friendly soft chewiness and diminutive size which makes it look unthreatening to waistline are surely for adults only.

Bloody hell I need to get out of here.

10 thoughts on “Bill Ward”

  1. So from reviewing kit in the hills you are now a couch potato gamer reviewing 70’s tosh ;) It could all be downhill now instead of up

  2. Nothing like a good fester. One of my favoutite occupations. Festering is good……..much better if you’re well though.

    Wots a drumstick? Looks a bit like a sherbet dab.

    Better get well soon……..before the men in the white coats arrive !!

  3. Megadrumsticks? I’ll track them down after I’ve made a cache of the rare orange and black Halloween editions.

    Coops, it could go either way right now.

    Alan, recently had a sherbet dipdab, they’re less toxic tasting than once they were, damned health and safety.

    Outdoors? Just you wait til you see what’s coming up over the next couple of weeks. More gear and mountains than have been on here in months.

  4. What about… Refreshers! Even talking about them draws my jaws in.
    Btw, have you seen the sweetie shop in Queen Street (across from Primark). Has all these sweeties… Sherbet Fountains, Wham bars, Drumsticks, and a whole load of american sweeties and drinks too, as well as countless jars of jellies, toffees that lot. Bad for the teeth though :-)

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