(big-creature vocalisation)

Funny how such a recognisable icon of the mountains is a bit of a 1960’s shopping centre dropped on top of it.

However, I have in my hand a piece of paper, it is a plan of sorts and it says to me which trig points will be featured on these pages in the coming months.
First up, and as soon as the weather’s looking decent for a couple of days is A’Mhaighdean. I’m grinning widely as I think about that one.
I’ll be heading up the A9 to catch some of the tourist tops near Pitlochry and I’ll be taking a right turn in that same wee town to get to Braemar where I’ll be doing a few days in the Cairngorms here and there. I’ll be on home ground on the Glen Falloch Munro’s, criss-crossing the Arrochar Alps and hiding in the quite corners of Cowal.
I’m looking forward to another visit to Kintail, a trip across country from there to Gleann Beag and heading a little further north to Applecross. The empty lands between Loch Laggan and Loch Ericht are looking good for some quiet camps.

I’m not the best at planning, but when I have a plan like this it’s just like dangling a big carrot in front of me, well donut maybe, I want to get out the chair and grab it.

6 thoughts on “(big-creature vocalisation)”

  1. I was away climbing Glas Tulaichan, Carn an Righ and Beinn Iutharn Mor from Spittal of Glen Shee last weekend. Some quite remote country in there and an area worth exploring if you’re in the Braemar region.
    Lots of wildlife too

  2. Fatwalker, been a while since I was on the hills around there, still a few I haven’t climbed too.
    I’ll be getting the maps out!

  3. AAAGH…..Yer never going to go to the west coast in Summer. The DREADED MIDGE will devour you alive………won’t it?

    Personally speaking the West Coast or anywhere approaching it is definitely OOT during the midge season. I’m even thinking of getting one of them jackets at http://www.midgejacket.co.uk/index.htm just for Cairngormy type stuff.
    Don’t they bother you…….must be the Skin so Soft;)

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