Berghaus Mountain AQ™2 Hardshell Gloves

Berghaus don’t seem to have these on their website, but they are out there for this winter, the new Mountain AQ2 Hardshell Gloves.

The AQ is the waterproof lining, Berghaus’s own membrane. I’ve used half a dozen different membranes in gloves and general breathability isn’t the issue as much as construction and longevity. I’ve had a loose liner that pulled outside-in every time I took the glove off and another that was so heavily glued that it was no better than clingfilm, and bike gloves that started leaking after one ride. The good news here is that the inners are attached to the outers at the fingertips, so I’ve got high hopes for a frustration free time.
Inside is lined with a nice velour-y microfleece, and the back of the hand and fingers are lined with synthetic insulation, so warmth without loss of dexterity is the plan.
The wrist is elasticated and the cuff a work of mini-genius. There’s a pull-on loop and a very neat cord adjustment, the red bungee is easy to see and had a plastic tag for grip, the cordlock is bound to a little leather tag and is dead easy to use with the other glove on. Add the  elastic loops for putting around your wrist and the hang-loops on the middle finger and you’re sorted.
The thumb has nose-wipe material and although the spec says leather palm, it feels and looks like a textured synthetic to me, nice feel and stretch whatever though.
The ergonomics are okay, nice rolled fingertips, no resistance to movement or noticable seams, and the fit is fine over a pair of thin liners.

They look like a nice pair of winter shells, the actual form of the construction is more boxy than your £100+ models, but the functionality looks great, they’ll stuff into a pocket and hopefully these will be wrapped around an ice axe shortly.

3 thoughts on “Berghaus Mountain AQ™2 Hardshell Gloves”

  1. Perfect. Did a bit of a Winter kit admin last night and the old Extremities mitts were looking pretty shot – I’m not a particular mitt fan but haven’t found a glove that doesn’t want to straighten and re-space my fingers like fork prongs.

    This and the Elderid stove review eagerly awaited.

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