Ben Nevis and the Trail that’s in the shops

The feature that I wrote and shot on Ben Nevis a few weeks back is in the current Trail Magazine. It was a day in a thousand, easily the best day I’ve had on Nevis and up there with any classic day on any hill I’ve ever had. I had great company with Heather and Derek and conditions you wouldn’t dare to hope for. It was just fantastic.
I won’t be writing it up on here, the Trail piece has the story just right.

11 thoughts on “Ben Nevis and the Trail that’s in the shops”

  1. It was just perfect Arthur.

    The tourist route aspect was part of the premise, it’s a good way of showing the contrasts in approach. I kinda like it anyway, when you come down from the half way lochan the north face just leaps at you.
    Packing to go back as we speak!?

  2. Great stuff matey, I’ve had some pretty awesome days up the Ben myself and never speak badly of it as I know its potential if you do it right and on the right day. My favourite has to be when I proposed to Nicky on Carn Mor Dearg though, stunning day in glorious weather. Love the top photo.

  3. Big boots in the rain on the classic routes of the Ben is the essence of Scottish mountaineering. I’m overdue for my annual outing, Tower Ridge direct this year I think…

  4. Dunno if that Heather bird is married or owt but she’s fit. This means I now can’t buy the Trail mag as I’d feel like I’m stalking her.

  5. Nah, I’ve just been refreshing my memory of odd ways up it so you can surprise the tourists.
    Assuming they’re still conscious from midge related blood loss.

  6. Went up Ben Nevis twice about 25 years ago on acouple of holidays with parents. Off up there next year in May and the Trail article will come in handy. Nice work Peter. Thanks.

  7. Good time of year to go, seems to be when we get out best weather these days.
    Got another route on Nevis coming up in Trail soon too, an unusual one I’ve being trying to get in the mag for years :o)

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