Bee! Again!

I thought over my training regime as I leaned on the boiler watching the other Peter fit the new carbon monoxide detector. The roll on egg & tattie scone was nice, the cream bun was nicer, but the coffee only had one sugar in it. A lifetime of two sugars was overturned in a couple of days a few years back, and two sugars now makes my face roll up like unsecured linoleum if someone forgets and applies the old amount to a beverage.
I blame this breakfast banquet on the lack of water at home, I left for work devoid of a cuppa, but clean of neck and teeth, so we’ll call the battle a draw. Water is now restored, and at no leaks at all pressure, which is enough to cleanly cut a soft cheddar in half under the kitchen tap when it’s turned on full. It’s not a clean cut though, so probably not worth pursuing as standard practise.
The roll shop in this part of Paisley is fine indeed. Buses struggle to pass the badly parked white vans lining the narrow street outside it most of the day, and inside fitba taps and rigger boots appear to what all the young folks are wearing these days.
It was the smell of frying that changed my mind, the red mist descended, well, not really red mist, maybe evaporated lard vapours?
Anyway, I was doomed from the moment I entered, I was hers. The angel behind the counter, the bright lights , the earthly fragrance, the colours, the overwhelming mix of sensations in that room were penetrated only by her golden voice as floated across the room to me… “Ho, dozy! Yer next, whit ye wantin?”.

Then, I had a call from “Look what we found”, purveyors of fine boil-in-the-bag fare for the mountains. I’m getting some of their stuff in for test, and as food is very much on my mind just now their timing was perfect. Aye, it’s heavier that dehydrated food, but I can carry less water or camp further away from a water source. If I’d had their food with me a few weeks back, I’d have spent the night right on the top of Lurg Mhor instead of descending to the lochan. Ach.
In fact, the next few weeks are going to be gear central. I’m seeing the new merino X-Bionic kit next week and some other goodies too, I’ve got the KORS outdoor show where I’m meeting up with some names both familiar and unfamiliar on here and then I’m off to Montane HQ for a rummage through the new kit with the new logo (and this time I can take photies of it and talk about it…). I’ll be watching the post for a Big Sky tent at the end of the month, and a wee while after that might see us having a shot of a Terra Nova Photon Elite.
All of which is very well, but hopefully I’ll be tanning some gradients on foot and wheels in amongst that.

And fitting heating, aye heating. Christ…

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