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Soft furnishings, haberdashery? Or is bed stuff linen, I see a lot of bath towels in linen cupboards? Whatever, it’s all a bit dull, and “I like the purple one” isn’t helpful apparently, so I turned my attention to the more interesting designs of duvet cover. The cardboard box look made me smile as it’s a rather realistic print, but as a concept perhaps it’s just a little worrying in the current economic climate. The nudie people one is the classiest thing I’ve even seen, possibly only surpassed in the style wars by folk putting screws through their car number plate in the wrong place so it’s position unconvincingly makes a number look a bit more like a letter to badly spell something really pointless.

The day (night?) has been saved though, I’ve got some unusual new test kit in, duvet covers are out, down quilts are in.
PHD have just launched two new models, early samples of which we saw last year at the factory, and these are the Double Ultra Quilt and the Single Ultra Quilt. The Double is just what you’d expect, a double-bed sized quilt, but full of 900 down and shelled with MX fabric. We’re going to be sleeping under this at home as a first test, it weighs nothing and I’ve got a good idea how warm its going to be. Camping at home, magic.
The Single is a slimmed-down version, but here I’ve got a footbag sewn on. This will indeed take your feet, but it’ll also locate the end of a slimmer sleepmat for a good seal at camp.
There’s tie loops down the edges for bungees or cord and both models pack away incredibly small.

I’ll be featuring these in proper detail as I use them. It’s great having something so different it, sitting at camp with a quilt wrapped around me with a cuppa? Alright!
Interesting times ahead.

9 thoughts on “Bed time with PHD”

  1. That was one of my first thoughts, sizing wise it’s fine and I’ll be doubling up the Single Quilt with the Minim Ultra bag next trip.
    There’ll be various combinations of quilts and whatnot over the summer, it dos all feel pretty flexible.

  2. I pondered this on OM a week or so back (where the majority were roundly dissing the PhD quilts).

    I would have thought that as an over bag for a close cut sleeping bag, or as liner insulation in a looser cut bag it might be a goer, especially with the student-huddled-in-duvet-with-hangover functionality around camp. Less need for down socks, down breeks or a -15 rated down jacket. No one else seemed to agree though…

    So flexible, weight saving but not fully convincing (as yet).

    I’ll wait and see how you get on…

  3. I’m open minded about it, I love trying stuff out, and like you’re saying there’s possibilities.
    I have to say the chance of sleeping in my tent under that double with my legs unrestricted really appeals.

    The OM forums? Ah, bless ’em.

  4. Can’t say I venture on to OM much anymore. Very rare and specific kit related queries only.

    My mate and I were discussing the quilt at the weekend (in between trying not to mow down tgo challengers on the Mullardoch road. We counted 11 of them, including – unmistakably – Alan Sloman, occasionaly of this parish, but I digress…)

    My mate reckoned was unimpressed (does nothing a down vest can’t do better), while I was a little open minded.

    But if it is a genius product, better to get in first!

  5. I suppose a full-zip sleeping bag has a similar flexibility, but I don’t have one of those anymore :o)

    I’ll find out more soon, I’ll pack it on the upcoming Fisherfield trip.

    I just have a vision of sitting on a rock wrapped up in it with a cuppa watching the sun rise?!

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