Bastard Layabout

There’s a starry sky out there just now. I bet it would look great standing with a hot chocolate, snug in a down jacket in the broken and trodden snow just outside the tent on some silent highland summit.

I’ve done a lot of outdoor related things in the last couple of weeks, but when Saturday comes it’ll be a couple of weeks since I’ve actually been on a hill. That’s just rubbish.

11 thoughts on “Bastard Layabout”

  1. same here, it’s like an itch, gets to the point where I start becoming bad-tempered and then cross with myself for being bad tempered. Then you go slightly nuts… 2weeks here too! it’s like an eternity!! Lawers Range this weekend, thank god…

  2. Soularch, magic! Hope you have a blast.

    Bobinson, I’ll look at the weather imminently, one nice day, shite, one half decent day will do me.

  3. “It’ll be a couple of weeks since I’ve actually been on a hill. That’s just rubbish”

    Hmmm – you obviously don’t have young twins. The days of getting oot once a fortnight are but a fond memory!

  4. I definitely can’t blame Holly (who just ran past me alarmingly fast saying “Aye! Bugbugbugbugbugbug…”).
    I’m usually in the Kilpatricks a few times if nothing else, but this is just laziness velcroing my arse to the chair!

  5. 2 weeks – oh the depravation!!!

    I think the long range forecast I saw earlier in the week said that strong fronts from the east/north east were heading our way – lots of cold & lots of snow

  6. I like the idea of a Metric Week too. But then, I would. I’m on mum-duty this weekend, hope to get out next weekend, but have to be home for a certain rugby match next saturday afternoon, so it’ll have to be the friday.

  7. At least we’re not MSP’s, apparently a week is a long time in politics, two weeks must ne forever.

    Kate, Friday’s a good day too get out. The weather is never expecting you :o)

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