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Just in time is plenty of time. But, I still went round on Saturday morning to check the system was actually working as I had proclaimed the day before as I was due  at another job nearby anyway. All was well and I actually felt a little pressure slip off the top of the pile.
I arrived at the other job to find that Jimmy had already finished the repairs and all that was left for me was to eat rolls and drink cuppas before decinding what to do with a day not even getting near noon.
The girls were out for the day and the notion of heading up the Kilpatricks came and went, I couldn’t be arsed going home and getting changed. Much better was heading into town and visiting guitar shops dressed in my manky working gear, my 20 year old wah pedal shat the bed during the week and that was as good as an excuse as I was likely to get.

Everyone was very nice, handing me anything I wanted to try with an expensive guitar to play through it. This is actually a little melancholy, manky or not I’m now in the older and apparently respectable and trustworthy bracket. Mmmfff.

I went to Forbidden Planet to see what Batman stuff there was. ITV4 has been running the 60’s TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward as the Dynamic Duo and Holly absolutely loves it, yet another thing for us both to get into as it’s an absolute joy to watch. Adam West is solid gold, and oddly he delivers his lines in a very similar way to William Shatner which I’d never noticed before.
But, there’s not much about, Batman is all about the up to date sexy humourless stuff.
However we did look on Wikipedia and it turns out that Robin is now Batman, Bruce Wayne having taken Batman out on a global franchise to countries who can pay the deposit for the suit, batmobile and batcave package.
I had a rake through my pile of old comics at my folks and all I had that was relevant was the Batman versus Predator series from about 20 years ago. It’s mostly Gotham City folk getting their spines ripped out, so I put them back in the pile for another few years.

I met my pal Cat for a cuppa and decided to grab a curry on the way home for quickness as Joycee was leaving for a thing in seven minutes and I was fifteen minutes from home. In the house of food delight I ran straight into Tich who I haven’t seen in years. We played in a couple of bands together back in the late 80’s, never had cross words, just went off at different angles and it was great to see him. As he left with his dinner he opened the door and my pal Rab from school walked in.
“Hello Rab” I said. I have a sneaky suspicion the last time he saw me I had waist length hair and he was probably thinking “Who’s this auld bloke?”, but it was immediately grins and stories and it was another unexpected joy.

Curry in, Joycee oot, me and the girl on the couch with Batman on the V+ box.

Bloody hell, I just wrote a diary entry.

9 thoughts on “Bass Big Muff Pi”

  1. It was indeed a diary entry, but if you think that’s sad then how about the poor bastards that feel compelled to comment on it.

    Just wanted to say that I relate a lot to that guitar shop respectability thing. I remember being chased (literally) out of shops every Saturday, but in the end I grew up and gave them all thousands of pounds. So don’t feel melancholic about it. They don’t respect you at all – just yer wallet.

    These days when I go into guitar shops I’ll get offered a cup o tea more often than not. Now that’s getting old. In a couple of years they’ll be standing up to give me there seat.

    Did you replace the wah? The choices now are stupifying.

  2. It’s a first-gen Dunlop 535 I’ve been using, I always liked the adjustable wah sweep and the volume boost. The modern equivalent is the 535Q which has way more adjustability, so I’ve orderd one of those in chrome :o)
    So many Dunlop signature wahs now, prices are scary too.

    Did pick up a Bass Big Muff as well, the regular one has very little bottom end when it’s cranked up, so that’ll go on the pedal board and the regular one’ll go on ebay.

    I only get cuppas in outdoor shops :o)

  3. Good choice!

    The 535Q is first rate from classic to modern. None of yer shrieky Vai Morleys thank you very much. What’s up with the old one? They’re pretty hard to kill and usually just need a good cleaning.

  4. The pot’s been scratchy for a while but this week the tonal range disappered in all the settings, less wah and more mmoooommmmp.
    I’ll see if I can get it fixed, it’s been used on every recording and gig I did since I bought it and I’m a sentimental bugger.
    It is in poor shape though, inside and out, bless it.

    I liked the sound of the Dunlop Jerry Cantrell wah, no boost on it though, just the adjustable toe-end range, even the nice colour didn’t swing it.

    I’ll report on my 535Q during the week if it gets here in time for rehearsal :o)

  5. It’s the boost circuit. Switch it off and it wahs away, just a bit quietly.
    Watches for postman bringing new wah…

  6. It’s the one effect that never goes out of fashion. Hard to believe it was invented to emulate the sound of a muted trumpet!

    I’ve got a first rate tech that lives nearby – he used to be Guitar Buyer magazines amp guru. I trust him with all my vintage stuff and he’s cheap as hell. I’m sure you’ve plenty of techs in the west but if you’ve ever anything precious that proving hard to sort out…well he’s worth considering.

    Happy wah-ing.

  7. I’ve used everybody around the Glasgow area at one time or another with varying degrees of success.
    The folks at Strung Out Guitars are great, it’s a wee second hand shop at the front with workshop of wonders at the back.
    They’ve saved some dead gear for me before, so the wah’ll probably be going there when the new one arrives. They say next week now. Humph.

  8. That’s my guy at Strung Out (John Philips)! I clean forgot to mention it. He comes through for one day a week so you’re in good hands there. He’d fix your old wah lickedy split.

    (Did I just say lickedy split?)

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