Banana Cake Mix

The forecast looked less than perfect for getting photies of Creag Meagaidh over the weekend, so I spent Friday night singing songs with Holly, making up stories and generally keeping her up way past her bedtime instead of packing for an overnighter. 
Joycee got out to play with her pals last night too, and a long lie for us all made it happy times this morning.
We decided to just hang out today and spent the day around the Trossachs, lunch in Callander, a wander here, a shufty there and later on we watched the sun set over Loch Venacher as we skipped stones across the water towards it. Then we drove home to the Flash Gordon (Ah-Ah!) soundtrack which Holly loves as it’s her favourite film…

6 thoughts on “Banana Cake Mix”

  1. Ach, the Trossachs are grand. I had a 14hr day on the road yesterday so it’s been a lazy one for us too, but now we’re all packed and ready for an early start to sunny Snowydonia tomorrow…. :)

    Where for lunch in Callander? I’ve always used the restaurant above the sort of outdoor/country store on the main street, I just can’t remember its name right now.

  2. Poured down all day in Edinburgh…..couldn’t even muster the enthusiasm to go up the Pentlands into what looked like the mists of mordor. Maybe tomorrow

  3. The Atrium Matt, great wee place, and that’s where we were! I had baked potato with haggis :o)
    There’s great choice though, the cafe’s are mostly good and the Tasty Fry chippy is a legend.
    Enjoy the trip!

    Aye Chris, tomorrow is always my fvaourite day :o)

  4. Och, Yesterday wasnae all that bad!

    Mind you some quality time with the family should never be looked at as second best. They are both crackin’ photies!

    “Banana cake mix”?

  5. I was thinking the lack of posts yesterday meant you had gone oot whilst I sat in the hoose all snotty and lurgyfied !
    When’s the deadline ?

  6. BBF, the west did look good as seen on your wee video, but the forecast said the only cloud was on Creag Meagaidh and I wasn’t risking a Glen Affric style, up and down the road affair again :o)

    Bobinson, I have ’til a week on Wednesday to have the stuff in. Tomorrow is looking pretty good actually. I’m thinking alpine start and day trip now.
    You’ll no’ be coming if your all snotters I dare say.

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