Baking your wild oats

There was trepidation, watching the clock, peering through the glass, cracking the door open to see what was happening. But the only thing that mattered was what happened when we stuck our teeth into a bit of it.
It was insanely hot at first, but once our enthusiasm was brought back under control and we waited for the tray to cool a bit we were more scientific about it. The outer half was brilliant, perfect I could say, the middle was a bit thicker and kept a little chewiness about it, maybe more cookie than oatcake. Easy fixed by evening out the mix in the tray, the important thing is the mix was right and is a great blank canvas for adding stuff to as well.
So, we now have a go-to oatcake design that will save a fortune and give my cheese selection something to recline on at camp before I eat it. Well done Joycee.

7 thoughts on “Baking your wild oats”

  1. What was the recipe ???

    I’ve been told to lose weight, so no more chewy/chocolate stuff. But then, oat bran is known to be well beneficial !!

  2. A wee bit of butter, some cheese and a dollop of strawberry jam and I was in heaven with these.

    I asked Joycee what the recipe was and she shouted “Oats” as she went out the door.
    I’ll press her for detail, but I think it’s more the consistency and kind of oats that’ll make the big difference. Chunky ones are my favourite and these ones had a great texture.
    There will be more on this, I want peppery ones and chilli ones.

  3. Chunky, organic oats would work quite well. Throw in sea salt and black pepper or Rosemary/Thyme or dried chilli flakes and you’re away.

    Oatcakes and Primula are pretty much a hill-day staple for me.

    One of nature’s wonder-foods, the humble oat :o)

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