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  1. I’ve still got the original badges from the Overkill tour. 1980, I think it was. The next day was all “Whit?”, Eh?”, “Did you say something?” etc

  2. ’86? That was the year of Orgasmatron, the last good album Motorhead made I think. Zodiac Mindwarp was the support on the tour.
    How do I remember these things?!

    Kev, I remember the story of Philthy playing the intro to Overkill on that tour and it being so loud it shook one of his fillings out. So they say…

  3. That’s the controversial one isn’t , with the little swastika on the spike. Didn’t it disappear from later ones, or was that just the official merchandise?

    Takes me back to the Saturday afternoons browsing the badge shop in Leeds town centre, then the usual round of record shops.

    My denim had the jester from the middle of the ‘Real to Reel’ cover on it. In later years it was replaced by a labcoat with the Corrosion of Conformity skull on, bit of a shift in musical tastes going on there!

  4. Iron Maiden was my first ever concert. I remember lying in bed that night with my ears going ‘WHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE’. It was to be the first of many nights like that, often accompanied with ‘cider spin’ too.

    By the way PTC, your up coming ‘OMM exclusives’, should i wait before ordering a Classic Marathon 32l this week? Is there something similar/better in the pipeline?

  5. I just bought the first three Marillion albums a while back, first time I’d heard them in years.
    COC, Voting with a Bullet was my favourite of theirs.

    I first saw Maiden at the Glasgow Apollo, them really was the days.

    holdfast, nothing coming that’s a replacement of or competing with the Classic 32.

  6. My cut-off had loads of small patches all over the back instead of the one large patch,very many studs,chains and badges too,bands on there included Overkill,Celtic frost,Sabbat,Forbidden,Slayer,Onslaught and the obvious Metallica/Megadeth/Anthrax stuff.It was worn over a TT leathers bike jacket…whatever the weather…definately without doubt the heaviest jacket I’ve ever owned!
    Still got the patches here somewhere,took ’em off the denim when it was ‘retired’.
    Brings back all sorts of memories talking about these things…long summer evenings drinking Newquay steam beer and thunderbird wine(red label of course)!

  7. PTC,
    “Marillion albums” Just bought them! I bought them when they first came out, I’m getting old. I need a more comfy sleeping pad as my bones hurt and I cant hack the foam pad or Therma-rest any more. It happens you now.

  8. I’m sure my cut-off is still at my folks somewhere. I’ll need to have a hunt for it and see what’s still on it. I remember seeing Onslaught in a tiny Glasgow club, that was a good night. I see Celtic Frost have split again.

    Martin I was replacing old vinyl (also at my folks), I got the remastered CDs. I was like stepping back in time the first time I heard them again.

    Judging age by the thickness of a sleep mat, I like that concept :o)

  9. PTC,

    Good man in the music choice, truth be told my vinyl collection died with moving about from here to there. Stepping back in time, yea I remember some of the behaviour and wild times that went with going to gigs. Great fun the 80s lots of fun……I’m feeling old again, I think 4in thick air sleeping pad is the soulution.

  10. Rock gigs in the 80’s, I saw all those mentioned above at the Glasgow Apollo in the early 80’s – Maiden, Marillion, Motorhead and dozens of others including my own personal favourites AC/DC – those definitely were the days.
    Never had a cutoff, but my denim did sport autographs on the sleeves from the likes of Diamond Head, Ozzy & Saxon including :
    spelt just like that in capitals down the sleeve – Rock’n’Roll

  11. I’ve got all the Marillion picture discs till Fish left….somewhere. I should look for them really, they used to be worth quite a bit. at least that;’s what the man in the shop said.

    Saw Saxon at York Barbican about 15 years ago playing to about 250 people, not that the band cared, the show was ace, like they were playing to a festival crowd!

  12. Aye, Saxon went from filling theatres to half filling clubs overnight. The Eagle has Landed live album is still a favourite.

    “What can I say balcony, you’ve been beaten again…Wheels of Stee-all!”

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