I finally got joined up. It took a leg-up from a friend to get in, but once I was in and dusted myself down I was fine. There’s a lot of good stuff, a bit of eyebrow raising and a surprising amount of “Och, I do that” which was nice. Magic, and there’s such a backlog to get through. I’ll enjoy that with a cuppa or two.
An awful lot about bears at the moment on their forums. I’m still on the forums here arguing the merits of wearing trail shoes on our daft wee hills, and they’re taking on killer wildlife and firearms issues on proper hills over there. In trail shoes.
There seems to be interest in Scotland and experience of wet weather backpacking techniques, that’s handy then…
Seen a few familiar faces on the forums there, and in the articles. There was also my first sight of the new Montrail Hardrock Mid, my heart wants it to be good. My head says that Columbia could make better fish fingers than shoes.

Anyway, the best dressed lightweight hiker is apparently wearing this at the moment. The pack is definitely small, I’m looking forward to seeing the kitlist.

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  1. My God. I hope you realise my work day has been spent open mouthed, gawping at my laptop screen, unable to free myself from the tractor beam of this post. I’ve also just soiled myself. I hope you’re happy.

  2. Ooh a Montrail Hardrock Mid, I can’t see that link to see what they’re like as I’d need to register, but am I correct in thinking that this would be effectively the replacement of the Namche as I seem to recall the Hardrock having the same sole unit as the Namche?

    Speaking of new Montrail this chap ( has photos of something he says is called the Montrail “Ultra Trail” (perhaps it’s actually the Hardrock Mid) it looks very nice and very like the Namche. I like the lace hooks.

  3. Is she modelling a pair of XXX-Bionic briefs there? ;p)

    To be fair though, the hat doesn’t do it for me – she should surely be in a buff?!!

  4. Just sprayed my laptop screen with coffee. Good work fellas! I find the website to be very useful, although a little nerdy at times. The article on lightweight shoe systems (it’s all about the system!) for winter/snow travel I found very interesting. If the people you see wearing full leather mountaineering boots in the summer hills of the UK saw that they’d have a heart attack.

  5. Benjamin, Lighthiker’s boot is the Namche update, the Hardrock Mid is different (he deserves a medal for sticking Friedrichshafen to that extent, good lad). The Hardrock Mid is maybe more of a Namche though as it has the same sole unit, it’s just waterproof.

    Matt, the briefs Barnaby is wearing above are indeed very breathable and quick drying. Chaffing may be a factor with extended use.

    Holdfast, that winter footwear piece is great. I’ve got a pair of those Keen insulated boots right here ready for the snow :o)

    David, backpacking;light requires commitment!

  6. I’m a bit rusty when it comes to modern grades, but that crack looks like a HVS 5a to me, so it’ll need some big nuts. What other protection do you advise? A couple of friends? A plank tied to the ankles? Or maybe it could just be laybacked and handjammed.


  7. Geez, I don’t visit your blog for a few weeks and you post this! You know as a skier I love those hats.

    However, I don’t think there’s enough material to worry about chaffing anytime soon.

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