You know you’re finally an adult when the blue sky and sparkling white peaks across the river aren’t the Top Trump, “Giving it another day or two, ’til this bug is away” is.

I was watching Al Murray’s German Adventure show on BBC3 or 4, 4’s more likely I think. It was interesting in several ways, but mostly that the barman that Murray plays in his standup is a complete construction, it’s a character he plays from the look, to the accent, and as it turns out to the opinions too. He actually seems like an intelligent, articulate and thoughtful fella, and out of “uniform” kinda rather anonymous. I’ve never taken that much notice of his comedy in the past as I assumed it was just what it looked like, but now it seems like he’s just exploiting a few lowest common denominators with his tongue in his cheek, so I have a sneaky respect for the man now.
However, that’s not the main point, the one revelation was the steam tram chugging through the snow-bound German Baltic seaside resort. It was trundling away quite happily and after seeing the news earlier in the day where diesel and electric trains at home were all forlornly abandoned at station platforms and rail depots I was shaking my head.
I spoke to Jimmy next day and I said, I assume in the 50’s when the fireman turned up in the morning to light the fire in a steam loco there might be enough heat in the boiler so that it didn’t freeze overnight, and by the time the steam was up to pressure everything on the loco or near it was completely free of snow, ice or any sign of winter and it would just launch itself out the shed and along rails where the mechanically operated points didn’t freeze quiet so readily, and the the photies of steam trains blasting through snow drifts up north aren’t CGI?

“Aye, kinda” said Jimmy. Even in the 70’s clapped out old dieslels wsere cutting their way through drifts the height on the cab windows to get to the Highlands.

Progress is a wonderful thing isn’t it? It’s dragged from the barbaric world of the possible and the practical and delivered us into a Brave New World of useless incompetence designed by theorists who’ve never got their hands dirty in their lives.

12 thoughts on “BAC TSR-2”

  1. The main problem with the UK that no government bod mentions is we are way to over populated for the size of us. Roads designed for 6 million cars and now carrying 30 million and things will only get worse as the population grows due to immigration. Thats the bottom line and we could never prepair to keep things moving as there is just too many of us, unfortunately. Better up your way though Pete

  2. We’ve no excuses up here other than the folk in charge sitting with their fingers in their ears and hoping that we all forget about the chaos by Spring.
    It was never this bad when I was younger and the winters were worse.

  3. Half the chaos is caused by people who can’t drive the rear wheel drive BMW they bought after years driving FWD. When I started driving almost everything was RWD, my current car is my 1st FWD and I’ve been driving 20 years.

    It took me almost an hour getting home from work last week (12 miles, 8 miles dual carrigeway) and there was less than 2″ of snow. Just some twat sitting at 15mph for a few miles at rush hour caused the tailback.

    You’re right though about departments filled with whizzkids making decisions about things they know damn all about.

  4. I think this country has just grown lazy. People seem to be using the snow as an excuse to be stupid and shirk responsibility. People leaving cars any old place when it would only take a little effort to actually park it in a space, “Im not clearing the path/drive etc coz its the councils/someone else’s job” I know someone who wanted me to drive him somewhere because he didnt want to dig his own car out!!!!! If the Nazis invaded now, we’d be humped. Ok breathe……

  5. Mini rant coming on… `All last week it was taking approximately 2hrs to do a 45 minute journey. There was little or no snow falling in the Glasgow area and the temperature in the morning was minus three or four degrees most days, Yet there were loads of train cancellations, a reduced service etc. On a Glasgow commuter line. Several days after the initial fall of snow. Why ? These weren’t exceptional temperatures (apart from Thursday night). The doors were sticking on some carriages and I heard that there were braking system problems. To me that just sounds like poor design. And the points freezing constantly despite being heated. Again surely that is just bad design,
    I’m happy to accept disruption when conditions are exceptional but four inches of snow and minus a few degrees is not unusual for Winter.

  6. Just in after venturing out and it’s like bullet-time on the roads. Well apart from an absesnce of cars in the air and kung fu with Agent Smith. Nightmare.
    Bloody cold too, clear skies and still white all around. Got some paperwork to do tomorrow, couple of client visits and then I’m going to see if I can get out there in a couple of days.
    That’ll cheer me up.

  7. We’ve got one of those down here… at Duxford. Lovely it is all in anti-flash white. Shame it got canceled.

  8. Given how good it was, it’s cancellation was a scandal. TheTRS 2 story is all that’s wrong with politics, both home an international.

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