Baby (Baby!) Steps

The best day for weeks, blue sky, sparkling snow on the hills and I enjoyed every moment of it as me and Jimmy put the roof back on the workshop, a gift of the storms which for once were as bad as the media said they were.

Weather = twisted bastard.

However, with an hour before the sun slipped away I had time to throw my shit together and make a dash for the Kilpatricks.
I panted up the steep lower slopes to get to the crags at 1000ft and enjoyed the undulating trail with my head in clear cold air. Damn it was good, I’ve been so low on energy and enthusiasm for so long, just so damned tired and I finally feel something like myself again. The last couple of weeks has seen so many broken things get the attention they deserved.

It was getting colder as it was getting darker and I was still walking away from the lights. I couried into a rock and had a cuppa as the wind howled over my head but just tickled a little at my cheeks in my wee corner.
I tried to take some cheesy cuppa drinking shots, but couldn’t really be arsed setting in all up properly and after a call from Joycee with talk of dinner in it it was time to head down. With a  goddamn spring in my step too.

My hill fitness is gone, but I’ll find it again. The weather might want to screw me over, but we ‘ve played that game since the 70’s and I reckon I’m still ahead. It’s been a terrible few months for the hills for me, but it’s given me a sense of newness about getting out again, for so many years it’s been getting ever more familiar, easy, even safe despite a few hairy moments, but now I’ve got a little tingle thinking about the next big trip, the next high camp, that shovel full of snow I’ll be melting for a cuppa. It’s like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat in the theatre waiting for the lights to go down and my favourite band to come on. Excited and nervous and I absolutely love it.

PS That cuppa photie? The OMM smock, the Hillsound gaiters, the Terra Nova pack and the Montane pants in there, I’ll come back to all that soon enough.

PPS Baby (Baby!) reference. The horror… the horror…

8 thoughts on “Baby (Baby!) Steps”

  1. Had to take a flask gagfaz, my Jetboil is in the huff from lack of use.

    Saw the phone message later on Phil, must have been on the roof at the time :o)

  2. Good on you for getting out. Sometimes a wee break is what we need to make it alluring again, the last thing you need is to lose the frisson of excitement that a forthcoming trip gives you.
    I’ve been sorting through my route choices for the coming year so I can actually have a vague plan, rather than my usual decide-at-the-last-minute theory. You may be pleased to know a couple of your Trail routes have made it into the top ten!

  3. The way you were going it wis making a couch potato seem like linford on speed. So great to see that you’re out and very much about again. You’re lucky though. At your age the fitness will come back fairly quickly. When you’re my age it’s like trying to run a marathon wearing a diving suit.

    Struggled up Auchnafree the other day. Wonder you didn’t hear me breathing from where you were.

    Ah ra best for 2012.

  4. I was thinking about getting out again tomorrow, but this weather is a real passion killer. What a crap winter right enough.

    Michael, I guarantee the accuracy of those routes :o)
    Gaiters were much better than I expected too, quirky design.

    I know I looked like I was sitting doing heehaw, but I was working most weekends and doing backshifts to work around folk being in their offices all day, I ran out of time as well as energy. Not complaining though, I was happy to have the work.

    Looking forward to some adventures, I’m still hoping I get some work coming in too though.

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