Babmm Babmm Babmm

I liked Patrick McGoohan on screen, he had an intensity and presence, an essence of unpredicatbility and suppressed emotion that would have made him a very different Jimmy Bond to Sean Connery. More Daniel Craig in style I think.
One film worth finding is Hell Drivers from ’57 where he plays a thoroughly mean truck driver in amongst an amazing cast of familiar names at an early stage in their carreers.

The Prisoner, Captain James T Kirk and The Doctor (Tom Baker incarnation of course) will always be my ultimate power trio, easily giving a doing to Blondie, Angel Eyes and Tuco or Cream.

I’ve had press packs landing on the doormat reminding me of what’s coming up for Spring/Summer ’09. Keen (review of long term test of mens and wummins Voyageurs and Aroyos coming up in a few weeks) have some new shoes with grippy soles and I’ll be reviewing the Oregon PCT’s soon enough. Yes, I’ve been wearing boots.
Petzl have revamped a whole rake of stuff, a reaction to everyone else catching up? Good news for us anyway.
And, I’ve been shopping. There’s a few bits and pieces that I just had to have, including…wait, that’s the mail in.

Alright! a bag of bright blue tent pegs and purple dyneema cord. More later.

6 thoughts on “Babmm Babmm Babmm”

  1. Can you confirm that this ‘shade’ of blue was last seen in a Haircut 100 video?

    Got any bumff on the upgraded GoLite packs for 2009 (the Pinnacle in particular)?

  2. It’s cobalt blue, almost a purple. Not a million miles away from this Les Paul
    Indeed, it speaks of a different era!

    I’ve got the Golite press stuff for the next few seasons, I remember seeing the packs had some changes, might not be until winter though? I’ll have a rummage when I get home.

  3. He was a fine actor indeed. His portrayal of Edward “Longshanks” in Braveheart was scary stuff.

    And Ricardo Montalban died yesterday. It’s all terribly sad.

  4. Yes, sad about both Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban. What a great villain he was. “KHAN!!!!!!!”

  5. I’ve got “Battle in the Mutara Nebula” from Wrath of Khan on my ipod. You can’t help but see Montalban sitting in his command chair ready to kick Shatners ass.

    Sad to see the genuine stars passing.

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