Aw man, not more bikes?

Phil and I went for a training ride in the KiIpatricks tonight. I say training, but it’s really just a jolly. We say training just so we actually go rather than procrastinate. It’s midweek joy as well, banter, hills and a lovely evening to ride through to boot. It’s getting cooler up there, aye, and getting dark earlier all the time.

The climbing went well, I had a couple gears left to fall back on if my legs couldn’t take it. In fact I even found myself speeding up on a couple of occasions. Previously unheard of, that kinda stuff. I suppose it’s mostly the new bike, but I do think there’s a bit of me fighting in there as well.
We didn’t really hang about much, it was getting dark and with the downhill run to Overtoun at the end we had to push as we didn’t fancy our chances on that bit of the trail with e+lites strapped to our helmets.
When we got there it was fast and total blast. It’s the banana split after the steak and chips.

We had enough light though, and darkness only really fell when we got down to Milton. The BP garage on the A82 was the first port of call for coffees. The lassie at the till shouted over to her pal at the food counter “That’s a large latte and a large black coffee for the boy with the mud on his face…” .
We had a blether outside with the cuppas. It had been great fun, grins all the way. We’d made good time too, very good in fact. Phil’s racing the Wan Day in the Pentlands at the weekend and he’s looking good for it.
It’s funny, I didn’t expect the WHW thing to take over so much. I’m usually pretty half arsed with my outdoors stuff (no, really), but with six of us going, kit and media shit to deal with as well as the logistics, it’s become #1 by stealth I think, perhaps even by osmosis?
I need to get in a tent to stop me becoming obsessed though. That can happen you know.
Four weeks to go.

9 thoughts on “Aw man, not more bikes?”

  1. How’s that OMM 15 litre pack (the name escapest at the mo) doing on the bike? stable enough?

    I’m gonna get a cheap road bike for the daily commute (get fitter and save the planet and my wallet by not buying petrol as often) once I actually move into the flat and I’ll need a wee sac for ma piece box/bag and work clothes.

    I dont wanna use my adventure light for it, I’d like to keep that in good nick for the hills.

  2. You makin’ it up to glen coe tomorrow? I cannae wildcamp on this meet.

    Bringing louise and cant really make a solid plan because I get flat keys tomorroww and am at the mercy of the banks getting funds transferred etc

  3. Re Glen Coe, I’m struggling as well, I’m trying to get a heating system running for Sunday (It’s vital, not for them but for me. If I finish it I can invoice the work, for I am skint). So no wildcamp, but a day trip is still possible.

    BBF, the OMM Ultra 15 is the wee red pack, and it’s my favourite bike pack, just brilliant. Stable, sits low on the back, great pockets and it’s light. The production version is a bit different, but it’s well worth a look.

    Hendrik, cheers. I was so happy with the ride last night I just had to put the post up!
    The last shot is with a timer, the other two I’m holding the camera. It’s actually nice being out as a pair so I dodn’t have to spend so much time running up and down using the timer!

  4. Nice one guys. Seems like you’re getting into this training malarky!
    Good luck at the ‘wan day’ this weekend Phil!

  5. Thanks Peter! I agree, been out with mates the last two weekends, and its a nice thing to have company on the trail and in camp (though I am still the one who takes the most photos =).

  6. Ange, it’s fun that’s the main thing!
    He’ll be fine at the race, he’s young…

    I’m the same Hendrik, I’ve always got the camera out. I’m lucky to have mates with patience and understanding!

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