Aw, come on?!

Viewing forecast for Sunday, 17th April, 2011

Viewing forecast for Monday, 18th April, 2011

You’d think these two items might be linked in some way, physically, spiritually, I’d expect even a common theme or narrative to bind the two items together. What we have once again is an empty box left on the doorstep with a Fawlty Towers DVD and a bar of chocolate coated nougat in it. Two useful, indeed joyful items on their own, put together though you’d have to be M.C.Escher or Leonardo da Vinci to make something three dimensional and mobile out of it.
MWIS melt my head once more with their office hours-only weather forecasting, thank Jimmy for their synoptic charts which are open all night. Half a chance is better than nae chance.

4 thoughts on “Aw, come on?!”

  1. I don’t tend to use MWIS much any more s the Geoff Monk forecasts tend to be the prophets of meteorological doom – especially with wind speed.

    While the Met office mountain forecasts have a bit less detail, they are often a little bit more optimistic – and from my my personal experience (and these things are always subjective) they tend to be a little more on the money.

    But I guess you are not going to get surprised by bad weather if yu follow MWIS.

    All mountain forecasts are a bit hit or miss though…

  2. Aye.

    I think I feel the pressure more these days as I’ve got to get shots for my Trail routes and I’m worried I’m going to get into a three-times-to-Glen-Affric scenario again.
    Diesel’s way to expensive for that these days :o)

  3. I don’t bother looking anymore as the more money and technology they throw at it the worse their forecasting seems to get. Whats wrong with a pinecone. With our weather being too changeable/unpredictable (especially up your way)now the mountain forecasts are unreliable anyway. But if its absolutely pissing down then i’ll go another time as the hills aint moving.

  4. I like the pinecone idea, if it’s really pissing down on the trail you can chew it to take your mind off the weather :o)

    I think the wether’s getting even more changeable, it feels like its rare to get even two days the same now.

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