Auto Adjust

Amusingly my old silver Ford estate seems to have become invisible to other road users. They don’t see me at junctions, roundabouts, even on straight sections of road in broad daylight. I know it’s panels are a little grimy right now, but it’s hardly stealth camouflage. This newly acquired superpower has so far only put me at risk of collision, but I feel I should put it to better use, fighting for justice or freedom or the like.
I have wondered if my shield of invisibility extends speed cameras, but 25 years worth of clean driving license isn’t worth the risk. Or is it. An invisible motor would be so much fun, I could park anywhere, I could turn the Tiso cafe into a drive-thru if I could get up the stairs. I’m sure the invisible snow tyres could handle it. It would save many hours each week that would.

Damn, I’m running out of photies from last week now. I’ll need to go out and get some more. Mind you, it’s hard to top getting my two favourite hills in the same shot, that being Messrs Lomond and Narnain in there.
Oh look, the snow’s back.

6 thoughts on “Auto Adjust”

  1. Ironically enough Peter , silver is considered to be one of the safest colours for a car – far less likely to be involved in an accident than a black or other dark shade.

  2. A perfect wee moment Moonlight Shadow. It had been so long since I had a glorious sunrise on a summit that it felt like it was never coming back, that one above just completely made up for it all.

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