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We left early for Pitlochry, but even as we arrived mid-morning after the wonders of a drive through woodland Perthshire, the place was already jumping.
It’s the Etape Caledonia cycling event this weekend and the pavements, carparks, cafes and shops are just full of folk, half of them in padded lycra as well. The sun was shining and it was a joy to see a wee Scottish town alive like that. I know there’s naysayers because of the traffic disruption on race day, but in uncertain times there’s money being spent that wouldn’t be othewise. Folk have such as narrow view at times.

There was a bunch of trade stands there, outdoor, bike, multisport etc, so I caught up with some folk, met some folk, got some gossip and news and came back with some bits and pieces.
Holly got a bike helmet in Escape Route, it’s a wee cracker and it’ll do her for a good wee while. She was dead proud of it too.
Lunch in town was magic, the girls had a wander while I blethered some more and before we knew it, it was after 4, and it was time to hit the road.

We followed the race route towards Loch Tummel and a quick cuppa at the Queen’s View. Schiehallion looked dark and brooding, back-lit as it was by the early evening sun while we wound south to Glen Lyon.
The Glen was quiet and beautiful as always. It feels like a secret, trapped between the A82 and the A9, with no summits that will ever grace the cover of a guide book, but with walking to delight the soul and stir the heart for those who can turn their eyes from the celebrity peaks.

The sad site of the long neglected and now closed Ben Lawers visitor centre sparked a discussion. A missed opportunity, misplaced, mistimed? Whatever, it should be open, interesting and selling cuppas and cake.
Holly loved the Falls of Dochart in Killin, she was sure she could see sharks hiding in the little holes in the rock, I couldn’t disagree, she’s three feet closer to them that I am, with better eyesight. We hurried back to the motor just in case.

I checked out my campsite choice for Monday night and then we took a diversion down Loch Long.
Another weekend with the girls, another trip through the mountains.
I love this stuff.

5 thoughts on “Auntie Clockwise”

  1. Looks like you had some good weather up there. I was up at the Schiehallion yesterday and noticed that they were putting out crash barriers on the road down to Aberfeldy.

    I am shocked that the old tourist centre at Ben Lawers hasn’t been re-openned or re-used as a cafe/info centre. I think that is potentialy a litle gold mine in waiting. Everytime i have been on Ben Lawers the car park has been mobbed.

  2. Ah I spent many a childhood holiday or bank holiday family day out in Pitlochry. It’s a nice wee place. Not been for a while mind you.
    Actually i’ve just thought of a story there… (here i go again!)
    We used to walk up and down that main street in the summer and wander into the wee gift shops. I picked up a wee tiny bottle of whisky and the lady went over to my mum and said “tell her to put it down, she’s not old enough to touch it”. to which mum replied “she’s 19 years of age”! and we were marched out never to return to said shop again. The things you remember eh…

    Now have i just revealed i still went on holiday with my mum and dad when i was an adult! or was it that i still looked like i was 15 when i was 19. But that’s a good thing. Means when i’m 40 i’ll still look like i’m 21!! ha! :o)

    As always – too much info from me, but i’ve not posted for a while.

  3. There was a cafe in Callander that sold me minging macaroni and cheese once, then argued about it and for years after that I used to stop at their window and “Boo” at them.
    Shut now. Hurrah!

    Too much information is always a good thing :o)

  4. Aye, brevity’s over-rated :o)

    Back in the day, Pitlochry wwas where the Edinburgh-Inverness bus would stop for 10-15 mins so folk, and the dug in my case, could get off and nip to the loo. Now I know it as the home of the MacDonald Brothers Steak Pie :o)

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