Auntie Cake Lady

The sun sets across from the window again. It’s nearly as far left as it’s going to go.
I love the feel of December. Whatever the global weather situation, the last couple of years it’s really felt like the year has been drawing to an end at this time of year, the energy was all gone and only the strongest weather elves were still pounding out a tune on the weather organ (made by Moog in 1978). They would be Curtis Cold and Sydney Sunset. Cyril Cloud comes and goes, he’s a game-show fan and his hours an unpredictable.
What will Friday night bring to the mountains? I don’t know, but I’ll be putting in a few miles to find out.

8 thoughts on “Auntie Cake Lady”

  1. Ah, all packed and ready, best weekend forecast for weeks… and tomorrow night will be a Rhinogs wildcamp :)

    Not expecting much by way of snow, but cold, crisp and clear will do nicely :))

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