Arrrnph. Muupphao, dhuu awa…hauhuy?

That, or variations of that is what Marlon Brando says in The Godfather.  After a long gap in viewings, with fresh eyes (and ears) I’m now convinced Brando was taking the piss. “I’m going to sound world weary and add gravitas by using my expert power as the best actor in the world and filling my mouth with terry towelling when I speak”, and as Coppola left the room he missed the “Ya fanny” Brando added under his breath as spent his fee in his head.

They should redub it with somebody else doing his voice, Jack Black or Angelina Jolie or somebody. 

However in the same general area, I’ve got high hopes for the new Star Trek film. I got a shaky lip when I watched them building the Enterprise in the trailer and the casting is genius.

6 thoughts on “Arrrnph. Muupphao, dhuu awa…hauhuy?”

  1. Wonder if they’ll get Simon Pegg to wear the Red engineering jumper, “You’ve got red on you”

  2. We’re not using the Z word.

    Pegg actually looks right as Scotty with his hair (such as it is) dyed black.
    I home the Enterprise interior and the uniforms etc aren’t “revised for a modern audience”.

  3. I’ve heard they’re keeping the essence of the original uniforms. Can’t wait for the movie :-)

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