Are we saying two thousand and… or twenty…

Nine pitched forward onto the floor. When he ground to a halt his face burned from the impact and his vision was blurred as he looked sideways across the floorboards breathing in dust and panting out spit as his lungs heaved.
He heard footsteps quicken behind him and stop. Was it a second, a minute? When the impact came it turned everything glaring white, his vision, his hearing, his thoughts.
He was pulled up through the pieces of his smashed chair by his neck and his vision cleared just enough to witness his own departure through the front door as his head parted its wooden panels. 
As he lay in the darkness, in the snow, there was no pain. There was no feeling at at all. He peered through a glaze of slowly freezing tears at the figure in the doorway. It was a child, no not a child, tall, too tall… a girl, was it a girl?
Ten turned back to the room and looked around. She flicked a switch on the wall and the room was bathed in light. She wondered why it had been kept in darkness for so long. There really was no need.
Spears of light flew through the shattered doorway onto the wreckage outside. The warm glow softened the broken shape as the softly falling snow began to cover it. 
He was still breathing.
But, It was after midnight by now.

14 thoughts on “Are we saying two thousand and… or twenty…

  1. 2010 – you can say it any way you like – it’s what you do with it that counts – have a good one mate.

  2. Happy new year ptc. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog – it is always well written, amusing and inspires me to get out.

    All the best for twenty ten

  3. When Nine saw that shadow at the window a week ago I knew it would be a murky end… But!! He was still breathing after midnight!? What can this mean? Dah, dah, daaaaah…
    Ten is kinda badass! Flicking that switch and filling the place with a lovely glow, hope it lasts.
    Happy New Year/Decade! (it is officially a new decade ain’t it?)
    Anyway Happy oh-ten!! :o)

  4. Well, the sun is out, Hill of Stake is still brilliant white over the river.
    It’s a good start anyway.

    Happy New Year :o)

  5. I’m going with two thousand and ten. That has a nice sci-fi sound tae it. Good fillum too. Helen Mirren and Roy Schnieder?

    The weather’s no’ bad here but all 4 bairns are comin’ over for their tea so I’m away to the kitchen to do stuff wi’ tatties and a big pie.

    A happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you & yours.

    Peace out.

  6. I quite like Twenty Ten. I’m looking forward to Twenty Twenty – great vision year!
    Anyway 2010 got off to a great start with an exhausting walk through deep snow :-)))

  7. Sitting in my dressing gown with a cold…

    I’m undecided on how I’m saying it. I liked “Nineteen hundred and ten”, but there’s no decent 2K equivalent that makes me sound like a Victorian struggling in the new century.
    I may just not say it out loud.

    Whatever it’s called, I hope it’s good for us all.

  8. Right! 2010 is the year for doing “stuff” for me! First things first, register on PTC* blog and stop lurkin..done!

    Im chockit foo wi the cauld as well :-( Gutted. Had a few walks in mind for the Christmas break, but have hardly left the house!

    All the best Pete and all the regular posters here! Cheers for the inspiration in 09!


  9. I’m going for twenty ten. We didn’t give nineteen thousand and ninety seven did we ? No,but what do i know.

    All much happiness to all here, keep on keeping on .

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