Are any of these figures estimates?

I hate admin and I hate numbers too. Put the two together and you’ve got January, the month of doom.

It’s a very hard thing paying tax, yes I know it’s our social responsibility, the part I’m happy with, as well as a legal obligation but I can’t help but feel we’re just handing a bunch of irresponsible bastards the funds to do whatever the hell the like. And it’s even worse when you didn’t vote for them and they obviously don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

I’m closer to the wire than ever this year. Turns out a wrong box got ticked last time around so I’ve had to take this tax return apart and redo it from the start, just in case. It’s one thing to have a wee flag next to my name on their books, it’s another to be in the “Keep an eye on this chancer” file.

It’s all good though, I like it better this time around and anyway, I do my best work when I can see my deadline on the clock rather than the calendar.


13 thoughts on “Are any of these figures estimates?”

  1. Aye, I feel your pain. Submitted mine yesterday. I imagine George Osborne is delighted that we’re those ‘hardworking’ people they keep going on about.
    On the plus side, there’s bagloads of snow to go in play in once the paperworks done….

  2. I am sure king Alex will make it all better, when he is crowned.

    Interesting times for Scotland and the rest of us, I guess. I hope he will still let us over the border, I would really miss the Highlander mm.

  3. Indeed.

    I hope everyone remembers we’re not voting for Salmond in September, the first thing on the agenda for an independent Scotland would be a general election where a Labour government would get in!

  4. Accounts are killing me. I hate paperwork.

    I know how the vote will go, it’s safer for us to have someone to blame than to take full responsibility, but I’ll be voting for what I believe is the best future for my daughter whether that’s tartan coloured or not.
    We have to get away from Westminster, and I’d advise everyone outside the M25 to come with us.

  5. Speaking from inside the M25, I have to admit I spend the last few hours looking for plant operator jobs north of the border…

    Good luck on the numbers.

  6. From a distance it looks like Cameron and Boris are trying to turn London into Monaco/Luxembourg/San Marino/Caymans. Run as fast as you can!

    Numbers are dancing in front of my eyes…

  7. London just keeps growing, I’m worried moving anywhere in the UK wouldn’t be far enough away from here!

  8. Not sure I’ll have a choice for much longer, feels like Cameron is trying to drown most of the southerners….

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