Aquapac Micro Whanganui for iPhone Review

Ages back I got the Aquapac iPod Protectatron in for test, it’s still going strong in regular use and is still 100% waterproof. Last year Joycee got the new Aquapac Micro Whanganui in to test for her iPhone as I didn’t have a smartphone at the time. Humph.
Joycee spends all her time outdoors, working in woodlands, digging, cutting, carving, making fires, installing artworks or in school grounds building willow domes or painting murals while trying to keep kids minds off the horrors of the urban environment outside the gates. The Micro Whanganui was an instant hit and has seen some tough times over the past few months, her phone is her office while she’s standing in the rain and I’m glad she never had to said “Well, you told me my phone would be okay”. Apple updates are the biggest enemy of her phone, not moisture.
The Micro Whanganui is different to my old model, a different material, tackier and so less likely to be dropped which I quite like. The lever locking system is the same, a simple 90deg movement of each lever and you’re done. But, what do I know, Joycee says…

“The Aquapac is a great bit of phone protection kit, and has saved my mobile from destruction from rain, paint, mud, soup, snow and children. It’s easy to use, sensitive for the touchscreen even with thin gloves on, light, small, packable and easy to keep in your pocket. The only 2 drawbacks are that the camera can’t be used clearly, and the plastic material sticks to my iphone protector cover.”
The sticking issue is a known one it turns out, there’s even a video on the official site (link at the top) to show you how to avoid it. Me, I’d try and find a way to solve the issue as a technical problem at source rather than just work around it. It also comes with an adjustable lanyard which joycee ditched as it was catching on stuff, handy to have though, I still use mine.
All in all, good wee bits of kit that really do last well, and having lost a phone to a wet weekend in the hills there’s nothing wrong with taking precautions with expensive to replace pieces of electronica.

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  1. Yet another product which I thought was kind of silly until Lyon Equipment gave me one last year. Huge fan of the aquapac phone covers now. Gives me a lot more confidence that my phone will still be alive at the end of a run. After Eton Dorney Half Marathon on Saturday (my first race! 1h48m) in the pounding rain I knew my phone was still going to be clocking my pace the whole way without soaking through and dying on me :)

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