Appolappo Aboo

You can see my roof in that photie above. It’s a great view just at that spot, and a hundred meters up the track it disappears completely. I haven’t seen it for weeks, since early June I think. That’s the longest I’ve been away from the Kilpatricks since 1937.
It was nice to see the heather starting to bloom, pink white and purple. In a few weeks there’ll be a multicoloured carpet of delight on the hills.

I was on the bike which was interesting. My legs are gone, just completely empty. And my arse has become soft, like a Chelsea Whopper left out in the sun. Frightening stuff this, a few weeks of doing very physical work seems to have diverted all my juice to different outlets and I’m now all out of adjustment. Ah well, I’ll sort that out as I go. And go I shall, I’ve had books out, maps unfolded and I’ve been checking the weather again. Glen Affric looms large over the next couple of weeks, and then onto new and different. Marvellous.

I’m sitting there trying to keep down some bananana Nuun while looking at the view below. It was quite windy and the clouds and patches of sunlight were skimming by, the long grass was hissing as the blades and bits with seeds attached, the actual name of which is totally unknown to me, it’ll be a latin thing no doubt… vibrated and pulsed, occasionally sending a wave across its golden surface towards the trees.
It really was rather nice.

Ach, it’s good to be back.

11 thoughts on “Appolappo Aboo”

  1. Ooh err, I’m simultaneously loving and dreading the thought of getting back on the bike after a long lay-off…. the impending move is going to transform my car journey to work into a 10-mile-each-way pedal-powered commute! :))

    Definitely looking forward to some fitness-retention!!

    And some (little) hills accessible from the front door… :)

  2. Good to have you back. From the photos I can see where all our sunshine has gone. Can we have it back soon?

  3. Get back into Affric. Fantastic place. We were in there this weekend but it was wet and cloudy and midgy. Still a great place to mooch about.

    Got the new Trail and read bits of it on the bus this morning including the feature on you as lightweight guru. Nice stuff and nice record of your last trip in from Morvich. Prefer your write up of it on the blog though.

  4. Oh and we were in the Real Food Cafe on Sunday and chatted to Sarah. I mentioned you and this blog and she appreciates all the praise and advertising you give her!

    Superb haggis supper and half litre of tea

  5. Martin, it is very “countryside” looking!
    It’s looking south over the River Clyde and hidden in the glare are actually some nice hills, Misty Law and Hill of Stake.
    The hear bursting cyle I have to get that view point though…

    Matt, I feel your pain. A couple of weeks and I’ll be better I think. I’ve got a bike “thing” in a couple of months, so I have to try and stick at it.
    Hills at the door :o)

    Sorry Holdfast, we could maybe have it on a timeshare basis? Good to be back, I now have to worry about catching up with my redaing as well as my writing.

    Chris, I’m looking forward to Glen Affric, we’re becoming good friends!
    The Trail feature was written very much with Trail in mind, trying to gently persuade by example. Very different from my usual stuuf, that’s for sure. I’ll do a write up on the issue soon and spill some beans on it all!
    Bless Sarah and her tasty fare, that place has saved me more times that I can count :o)

  6. See if you can see my roof next time – if you look closely, you might even see a figure hunched over a desk thru the windae …

  7. Had a wee run up there today – Humphrey, Greenie, over the Stacks and back down. Low cloud covering most of the way though, but still enjoyed it.

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