Any excuse

I decided to pay the money to keep the photie fixatronic softwear after it’s trial ended. It’s the best compensator for a point and click camera and it’s been good to use, it’s definately saved some of my ropey shots.

I went over some favourite digital shots and it really sharpened them up. I’ve not added any colouring or filters and the like, I only seem to be able to find one extreme or the other with that stuff, and as fun as that is I’ll leave it for now.

Anyway, any excuse to look at my favourites again…:o)

As always, the original sizes are on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Any excuse”

  1. Whoa! Nice images.

    I can’t imagine that even the Photie Fixatronic has managed to make those up out of a few snaps of a night down the pub – unless it’s got a pretty impressive “Make it gorgeous mountains” filter and you’ve turned the opacity waaay up…

    Nope – I reckon it had some pretty good stuff to start from there.

  2. Cheers :o)

    What I think I’ve done is restored them to “memory quality”. When I was there the air was chilled and totally clear, everything was stark and sharp. The photies were a little bit dull.
    A little bit of brightness and contrast and they look they way I remember if you know what I mean?

    Those three pictures were taken from the same spot from 0600 to 0900 looking west, southwest and east.
    I’m still waiting for a better sight to greet me outside the tent :o)

  3. I think there’s a lot to be said for trying to get things back to “memory quality” – I do a fair bit of that myself.

    Yeah – they’re bloody magic those are.

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