Antique hat goes to the park

By the time you read this I’ll be gone.
Down the M74, away to the Lakes to look at gear for two days. I’ll be back with all the interesting stuff and many photies of bearded grimacing faces in next years kit.
Then I’m going to open two months worth of emails.

I just love the view from my windae so I do.

4 thoughts on “Antique hat goes to the park”

  1. Home last night and on the mat a package… no idea what it is. Turns out it’s my new WIGWAM socks! Cheers Pete, put a proper grin on my face after a very long day at work. Hope you’re having fun down here.

  2. Plush very plush – like only new merino socks can be.

    Do you get a chance to get out in the mountains whilst you’re there? Or is it a tea and cakes bonanza, with a sideline in gear pornography?

  3. Gear, food and hotels. We did go over the Kirkstone Pass at one point at 11pm in torrential rain and visibility of about five feet which was kinda outdoorsy.
    I’m going to the OTS show next month as well, me south of Birmingham? Jeez.

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