Another reason that we should be Scandinavian

Bless them up there and their outdoor kit. At fastandlight‘s secret bunker under plain wrapper, today arrived Icebug from Sweden.

I’m away with a set of Speed Mids and will most likely be in a pair of Pythos shortly. I’ll cover them in depth when I’ve got a few miles on them, but already they’re looking like the fairy on the Christmas tree that is our winter mountains. Kahtoolas fit on them easy.

A vision of lime and black, they have wee retractible metal spikes (not unlike a less hairy Wolverine) to glue you to the winter slippyscape to come.

I love the new, the unknown, the better than before, this will be fun.

3 thoughts on “Another reason that we should be Scandinavian”

  1. Yer lucky git.

    Ah – but they’re just hobnail boots in nice colours surely ;)

    And me just gone and bought a pair of Kahtoolas.

    Always summat better…

    Ought to get back to earning money with which to pay for such better things…

  2. They are a bit hobnailesque right enough :o)

    The Speed has just enough stiffness to kick steps and it will work really well with the Kahtoolas.

    If you fancy trying them on, I think anybody with a Haglofs account should be able to get a hold of them.

  3. Aye, pretty much. They’re not connected to Haglofs in any way, just that I look after both in Scotland, ‘cos i do like gear! Be warned being Scandies there won’t be much free stock in the warehouse! Fast and Light have some new styles, Mountain Spirit in Aviemore have some old ones on clearance – different last mind.

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